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ChefCook's 1st Annual Hunger Games.

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Now u might not be, but I am a big fan of the Hunger Games, so there will be 24 tributes as usual, just dm me or say here in the thread if u want to participate

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@HuddleHussy ❤️

Girl tribute from District 11, even though I’m not a woman

Not convinced. lol

Posted (edited)

@Turts Firestonedead District 4 Boy Tribute


@TacticalHammer Hammer District 7 Boy Tribute


@StackTheRacks12 Gregory District 8 Boy Tribute


@NotSoGood88 Notso  District 11 Girl Tribute.


@ChefCook33 Brighton District 11 Boy Tribute


@Caboose30 Reinfrid District 1 Boy Tribute


@Wally Carl District 2 Boy Tribute


@MMFLEX Penelope District 1 Girl Tribute


@oilmandan Mite District 5 Boy Tribute

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10 minutes ago, NotSoGood88 said:

No good lady would root for Auburn smh

I dated one... she was not so smart.  Hated sim leagues.  Dumped her.  I concur.

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