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The Sun Gazzette continues its monthly coverage and update of Northern Virginia native and current SBA basketball player Alvin Mack, as he continues to be eligible in the EFL despite not having entertained any overtures by the league and its general managers to date. Our beat reporter Jordan Smith caught up with Mack over July 4th weekend as Mack was enjoying a holiday in his hometown.

Smith: Same question, different month - any plans on pursuing football?
Mack: Well with some of my struggles in the SBA this season, it's definitely crossed my mind more often than not. But I'm still committed to getting Houston back to the promised land and winning a title. Anything less would be absolutely devastating to me and would force me to reconsider my profession at large.

Smith: So you're saying you might give up basketball?
Mack: I want to be one of the best all time and have a winning narrative. Right now I'm not on track to be one of the best all time and I'm not winning titles. If I can't do that playing basketball but I can excel in other sports, then yeah, why wouldn't I give it a think?

Smith: Do you have a timeline you're thinking of?
Mack: Listen, I've got a few prime years of my career ahead of me. But I've been wanting to win it all yesterday, even going back to my days with Mexico City even though I wasn't pleased with management there. So in my mind, I'm behind schedule on everything. That being said, I've got a few more years in the SBA at least. My best basketball is ahead of me, not behind me.

Smith: Have you been practicing football at all?
Mack: Yes. I love playing sports. I"m practicing in my free time, catching passes, working on blocking drills. Hell maybe that's why I get in foul trouble, because I'm bringing the level of physicality of football to basketball.

Smith: What do you think about the racist abuse that happened after the Euro 2020 Final on social media?
Mack: It's overblown. These athletes don't want to experience racism, yet don't use the tools these platforms have to offer to protect themselves, then want to cry about it. Use the tools or don't but you can't have your cake and eat it too, otherwise these social media platforms will just sanitize the whole damn thing. Sure there are things that could be better, but social media isn't the cause of racism. If you really care about it, work with local law enforcement and get perpetrators arrested. That's the real deterrent.

This is our July installment with Alvin Mack, current power forward for the Houston Ravens franchise. Come back next month for our next installment.

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