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Players intending to uncap in the following season may claim up to 34 TPE from the combine. This TPE may not take them over 199. For example, a player at 185 TPE entering Media Week may claim 14 TPE from the combine. A player with 165 or fewer TPE may claim the full 34. 

This means you will be in the S30 draft. 

You MUST post in this thread to be eligible for your claim. Link back to your post in your update thread. 

Player Name: 

Current Player TPE: 

Combine TPE: 

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Player Name:  Fetu Tagaloa

Current Player TPE: 164

Combine TPE: 34

New TPE Total: 198


Player Name:  Maleko Tagaloa

Current Player TPE: 159

Combine TPE: 34

New TPE Total: 193

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