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Sherrick Newsome III Ranks His ECFA Future


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Where Is Newsome Headed?


This is the first time one of my players has been up to be recruited for a while, and it’s been enlightening as always to hear the pitches from everybody. I had six teams reach out to me in my first 24 hours on the waiver wire, and while I definitely wanted to give everyone an opportunity to reach out, I think I’m ready to commit Sherrick Newsome III to my new ECFA home.


I appreciate everyone that reached out, and everybody had different pluses and minuses. But with that said, here’s how I’d rank the teams in my final decision, from least likely home to my ultimate destination.


6. Death Valley Rangers: This doesn’t have anything to do with the team or the AD; the opposite in fact. DVR has been absolutely dominant over the past couple of seasons, and by going there, I know I’d win. But to some extent, I also feel like that’d be taking the easy road, and generally I like to take down dynasties rather than join them. Plus, I think it’s good for the league as a whole to spread the wealth a little bit, so my goal was to try and thread the needle with a team that could win it all, but wasn’t necessarily at that point quite yet.


5. Manchester Lookout: If DVR is 1a in my mind, Manchester under MMFlex is 1b. To their credit, both Flex and Tac reached out almost instantly after I created. There’s a reason they’ve had as much success as they’ve had, and are likely to have in the future. But even though Manchester doesn’t necessary have DVR’s title-winning pedigree, I still feel like it’d go against my desire to spread the wealth and help build my own championship squad.


4. Hades Creek Phalanx: I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Phalanx over the past seven seasons – three with Flugel-Hagendorfen and the past four with BOT. It’s really felt like home under both Wally and NSG, and I think NSG is building something good there at the franchise. I’ll be rooting for them when I’m not playing them. With all of that said, though, seven seasons is a long time to be with ECFA franchise. I wanted to experience something different under Newsome.


3. Trenton Generals: I like Beast a lot from my time with him on Hades Creek, and I believe that in time, his passion for recruiting and trying to engage with new members will pay dividends with a winning Trenton team. If this was a season or two down the road, I’d love to join him in Trenton. But with any new position, there’s going to be some growing pains – I saw in HCP where it took us three seasons to get to 11-5. Having just been through one building project, I didn’t want to jump into another immediately while Beast learns more about DCs and other parts of being an AD.


2. Savage City Wraiths: The Wraiths have a lot of pieces that I was looking for in my next home. TheCheese seems like an attentive AD who I can see puts in the effort for his squad, evidenced by him reaching out not even three minutes after I created. Newsome would be able to play right away and would be a four-season star for the squad. And they have some pieces to build upon the team’s 6-10 season to something greater. The separation between SCW and my number one team was both a matter of familiarity with people on the team, and also interest in my plan. I wouldn’t have minded a few more questions about what I wanted out of Newsome’s career, and plans for the team long-term for how SCW plans to compete for titles.


1. Athens Carnage: Admittedly, when I knew I was going to be recreating this deadline, Athens was one of the teams I was already eyeing. But even with that said, Numbers went above and beyond. He reached out not only right after I created, but all the way back when I did my mock draft and noted I’d be retiring BOT. He laid out the plan for his team both this season and moving forward, explaining exactly where I’d slot in. He asked what I wanted out of Newsome’s career, and I believe that he’ll be accommodating. And, I think that while the team isn’t in Manchester and DVR’s tier yet, it absolutely has the capability to get there over the course of my career. I’m excited to join Athens, and we’ll see how successful I’m able to be at a whole new position.

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