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In this article I’ll be giving you my personal top 7 draft big board. I don’t have a first this season so I will not be able to select any of these prospects but this draft class definitely has some talent especially towards the top.


1. Kara Moon

Kara Moon is my #1 prospect in this class. Although Moon didn’t put up the flashiest stats, I believe part of that may be due to teams being afraid to throw at Moon. Moon’s player agency has produced some all-time great players and Moon will look to become one as well.


2. Ahhh Specriggivi

Ahhh Specriggivi comes in as my #2 prospect for a couple of reasons, most notably being that he has the most TPE of a prospect at this point. He didn’t have the best season last year for Death Valley, putting up solid numbers, but nothing too spectacular. However, his agency has produced some great players in the past, helping him be #2 on this list.


3. Leon Dupree

Leon Dupree had to be at 3 on this list just due to pure production and accolades. If the EFL was more run heavy he definitely would have been higher, considering he has a Heisman and will be in contention for another one this season. Dupree has been an elite back in all of his ECFA years and will certainly help out whichever team drafts him.


4. Leroy Leroy V2

Leroy Leroy V2 ranks this high due to the fact this is a big board and not a mock draft. Leroy is the only player at his position that will even be in consideration to be drafted and for any team in need of a fullback, they would be lucky to have the former FBoTY on their team.


5. Rayz Funk Jr.

Rayz Funk Jr comes in at this position because his player agency has produced some great players and he has also performed well in the ECFA, putting up over 100 tackles as well as 6 Interceptions. He played FS in the ECFA, but he is naturally a LB, and his versatility is just another strength of his.


6. Thomas Thomas

Thomas Thomas comes in at this spot due to the fact he had a very solid season for Manchester this season, forming a great duo with the previously mentioned Kara Moon. Thomas had 9 Picks, tied for 2nd most in the ECFA and also had 2 touchdowns. Thomas should come in and be a sure-fire CB2 or CB3.


7. Frank Funk Jr.

Frank Funk Jr. is certainly a very interesting player in this class. If he was playing WR in the EFL he would for sure be top 4 on this list, but he made the decision that he would be playing QB in the EFL in a surprise announcement. Funk Jr was elite at the receiver position and his athleticism will be a huge advantage for him, but I think he will have a bit of a learning curve at the QB position. Funk has the talent to make the change but it will be interesting to see how it works out.


Players Mentioned: @omgitshim @Cornholio @Doc Holliday @Vkobe-v @Rayzor_7 @TheCheese

Thanks for reading!

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