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The Sun Gazzette continues its monthly coverage and update of Northern Virginia native and current SBA basketball player Alvin Mack, as he continues to be eligible in the EFL despite not having entertained any overtures by the league and its general managers to date. Our beat reporter Jordan Smith caught up with Mack on August 13th over coffee in Houston.

Smith: Same question, different month - any plans on pursuing football?
Mack: I hate to say it, but football could not be further from my mind right now given how hard I'm working at my basketball craft. Lots of changes in the offseason with the Ravens, really needed to focus on being better in a few areas in preparation for this year. We're in first place and that's where I'd like to stay until we're hopefully hoisting the championship trophy at the end.

Smith: A month ago you were keen on football - now it sounds like you couldn't be further from playing in the EFL?
Mack: I'm still frustrated with the arc of my career in the SBA. I have so much more I want to do and wanted to do, and it just doesn't feel like I'm going to accomplish all those goals. Maybe they were too lofty. But I'm feeling energized right now and hopefully success, recognition, accomplishment will all occur in the coming weeks.

Smith: You've had GMs continue to ask you about playing. Is it time to just retire from EFL?
Mack: Listen, if you give me one benefit to retiring right now from the EFL, one substantial benefit other than people not bothering me anymore, then I'll quit. Right now. But there isn't a good reason. There's no financial implications, no costs, no distractions other than my time. And I'll freely give my time to GMs who still see something in me even if it's to tell them that I'm not interested in playing for them right now.

Smith: We understand you've had overtures from the team in town. Is that true?
Mack: I've had conversations with many GMs, I'd prefer not to disclose who I'm having conversations with out of respect for them and their privacy, although if you ask them, maybe they'll tell you.

Smith: Trevor Bauer situation. What does this mean to an athlete like yourself?
Mack: I mean, it means pretty much nothing to someone like me who would never, ever, even remotely get close to a line of consent when with a partner. And I'm really lucky in that I've found the person I want to spend my life with and build my life with, we're committed to each other faithfully and devotedly. I read the Bauer stuff and honestly, it just doesn't apply to me, lots of athletes have fun love lives that are basically transactional. That's cool. To each his own. But it ain't for me and in a world where innocent until proven guilty doesn't exist in the court of public opinion, I feel even more fortunate that I met my life partner earlier in life.


This is our August installment with Alvin Mack, current power forward for the Houston Ravens franchise. Come back next month for our next installment.

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