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In Our Quest For One...


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...We found three.


I first want express my appreciation for everyone that applied for our BoD position. It's something we've never done and I think it was incredibly beneficial to talk with everyone that shares a common interest in seeing this league thrive.


Please join me in welcoming to our Board of Directors:


@Lefty_S has been a fantastic user in the community and has already added some great work to this league with his advanced analytics to assist in awards voting, huge contributor to the trading cards, and has now automated the threadmaking task for game days. This is not to mention his work done as AD and GM.


@Latti from memes to dreams. For the longest time Latti 4 BoD was a meme, but he has a wealth of knowledge in this league and the history that comes with it. He's seen the ups and downs of 20+ seasons in this league, was the first GM of the expansion NOLA team (where he is again today), has been a huge contributor with presentations and media over the years, and will offer great insight to our team.


@Kelsier... Yeah, that Kelsier. When a user has such perspective and insight with league leadership it's hard to look away. We were pleasantly surprised when Kels applied because we know what he brings to the table. I'm looking forward to watching him work with our team and contributing to our league as much as he has in leadership elsewhere.

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