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Kyree Firpo Jr's offers.


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It's another day in the EFL. Kyree FIrpo Jr. is examining his offers. He's waiting & excitied for what's to come for him in the future. Kyree FIrpo Jr. said in his announcement on twitter - "I'm stoked to see what teams have interest in me alongside the teams who have rejected me." This will be a huge stepping stone for me in my career. I must step up to the plate to deliver, any way possible. These teams have interest in me because they think they can elevate me to the next level. He says that he's been talking with the Anchorage Storm alongside the Trenton Generals. The Death Valley Rangers have also shown booming interest in Kyree Firpo Jr, but there hasn't been much communication with them. The reason is because it's easier to reach Kyree Firpo Jr. on Discord than it is on here. Kyree Firpo Jr. is socially active in the world. He likes to do activities to help others... Kyree FIrpo Jr. has been watching the opening week of the NFL in his free-time. He has been watching QB's like Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Tua & Zach Wilson throw amazing bombs to WR's. He loves to re-create that on the field. Kyree Firpo Jr's loves to be a show-off anytime he gets on the field. He shows that he is gifted & he won't take that for granted. Kyree Firpo Jr supports the Cleveland Browns in the NFl. He is a huge fan of Nick Chubb on the team. He wants his game to show out over others. He will rise up to criticism when he receives it. He understands that every game isn't over unless the clock goes down to 0:00. He has also been in talks with the Pirates. Just like the Rangers, there hasn't been much communication but he continues to try & discuss with the Pirates more often. He wants to make sure that all of his options are known & he can choose the best one for his team. He doesn't like to wait at all. He wants to make sure he fits with this team; that this team would not only support him but his mates as well in the locker-room. As a QB, you need to be the leader of the offense. You can't be the leader of the offense if you don't have support from others. That support is crucial in any game. That's why QB's will rely on WR; HB; FB; TE & even OL. They want to make sure that they can pass the ball to anyone that is open for the catch. Only rushing with the ball every play can take you so far to the extent of either a sack or a incomplete play. Kyree Firpo Jr knows he has to continue to learn day-by-day, his agents have been kind & respectful to him. Hopefully he can find the perfect decision to boost his career in the ECFA. It's only a matter of time before it happens. 

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