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Manchester Lookouts Defeat Death Valley Rangers 26-14 to Cap Perfect Season


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The Rangers knew the task before them was nearly impossible. All year the Manchester Lookouts had dominated the ECFA on their way to a 18-0 record. The only thing standing between the Lookouts and history? A Death Valley Rangers squad that would likely be overwhelming favorites any other year. The plan for an upset was clear to analysts before kickoff. Slow the Manchester passing attack, attack the Lookout defense, and keep the game close. The plan did not work out.


To be fair, the first half followed the script pretty closely. Following a Rangers three and out, Manchester took advantage of a short field and scored the game’s first touchdown on an eighteen-yard touchdown run from Might Guy. The Rangers answered with a long drive capped by a Thea Thanos seven-yard run. After trading punts, the Rangers had a drive enter the red zone. Then, disaster struck.


Rejoinez L’Ordre-Sombre intercepted a Tactique Marteau pass at the two-yard line before a decent return. Lookouts quarterback Vince Carswell II dissected the Rangers defense as he marched down the field, capping the drive with a touchdown pass to Maleko Tagaloa. The half ended with the score 13-7 in favor of the Lookouts.


With the ball to start the second half, Carswell resumed his dissection as the Lookouts marched down the field again. This drive would be capped by a short touchdown pass to Ellektra Empire to put the Lookouts up 20-7. The Rangers couldn’t get anything going, and Might Guy stuck the dagger in with a four-yard run at the start of the fourth quarter to put the game away. A late Rangers touchdown as time expired made the final score 26-14 in favor of the Lookouts.


In hindsight, coach TacticalHammer’s calling Manchester “A bunch of talentless luckboxes.” may not have been the smartest move. Knocking off a juggernaut like Manchester is hard enough, giving them ammo like that is begging for trouble. It is likely that Lookouts coach MMFLEX shared these comments at halftime. Manchester clearly had more fire and urgency to begin the second half. A Rangers touchdown in garbage time means the score does not fully reflect just how dominant the Lookouts were.


And yet, it is easy for the Rangers to imagine what could have been. Maybe Marteau’s pass finds the endzone instead of L’Ordre-Sombre. Maybe if they weren’t chasing the Lookouts’ offense they would have been able to lean more on the kicking GOAT King Leonidas to gradually build up a lead. Manchester kicker Alexander Chase Everett appeared to be feeling the pressure missing two extra points. A field goal with the game on the line would have meant even more pressure. I know who I would favor in a kicking duel. Unfortunately for the Rangers, their defense could not hold the Lookouts to field goals when they needed to.


For one half at least, the Rangers looked like they might have what it takes to slay Goliath. But self-inflicted wounds caused too much damage for their effort to bear fruit. Congratulations to the Manchester Lookouts for finishing 19-0 for the first time in ECFA history. See you all next year as the ECFA celebrates its thirtieth season.  

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I absolutely loved this! I'm a sucker for dramatic analysis of important games such as this and you did it so damn well. The entire thing read like a blast, the writing flowed perfectly. Please do more of this, seriously. I'll read any amount of this kind of articles you post. It's great stuff.


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