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Alvin Makaratt has officially signed with the Biscayne Bay Pirates as a FS. He will be leading the line of safety alongside the SS. He is excited for this opportunity & will do anything to make it big time in the EFL. He knows it will take maximum effort & dedication, but he's ready to succeed. He doesn't want to waste the one chance he has to become known in the EFL world. One little mistake & his opportunity is gone. The team have introduced him & has granted him to opportunity to learn under them. The reason he didn't sign with the Trenton Generals is because he didn't like the culture there nor did he like the attitude. The team was very negative about him, unsure & they said he made him "discouraged". Nobody wants to stay around a toxic environment that doesn't like them. It;'s not very good for your mental health at all. It makes you re-think over & over again about why you chose this path. Alvin Makaratt wanted to be sure that he was taking the right decision with this move. He wanted to stay in a place where he knew some people already, felt welcome & was introduced properly by the coaches. Alvin Makaratt said --- "They immediately looked for my strengths/weaknesses & started working right away. That's the type of team I would like. If you can teach others how to work on their own, everyone can work as a team. They know what they are capable of & how they can finish the job on the field. They know perseverance & no quit. That's the type of team I want around me. As a FS, I conduct the last line of defense so the communication has to be on point or else there will be a huge problem. I'm glad I chose this team & I can't wait to continue with this team for the future." 

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