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Alvin Makaratt HS Review.


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Alvin Makaratt High School was pretty good. He was known as one of the best players' in Xavier University. Everyone loved his attitude & wanted to be like him. Perhaps he knew he was going to become a great player some-day. He has made over 1,200 tackles as a FS. From his Freshman year to his Senior year, he shows that he can become a dominant leader at the last line of defense. He has signed with the Biscayne Bay Pirates for 4 years. The Pirates have been interested in for a while now, he wants to show the pirates that he can become that leader they are looking for. As a Free-Safety, his job to command the last line of defense & make sure nobody passes through after the defensive-lineman. He needs to make sure that TD area is secured, he is 15-10 yards from the line of scrimmage. The FS is typically known as the center-fielder. In result, most of his big plays are interceptions. He had about 150 interceptions in high-school for 4 years. Alvin Makaratt said the key to winning is "perseverance, even if the game is over on the score-board, it's not over until the clock runs down to 0:00." He has shown time & time again that he is the epitome of the saying, "defense wins championships.". Alvin Makaratt needs to know that this is a different battleground though. This is going to end up as a huge step in his career. He needs to show that he's capable of becoming one of the best defenders in the league. Alvin Makaratt wants to show that following your dreams take a step of responsibility, leap & encouragement. Alvin Makratt is ready to start his journey with the Biscayne Bay Pirates, he hopes to make it a fun one on the way. 

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