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Mack Attack - September


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The Sun Gazzette continues its monthly coverage and update of Northern Virginia native and current SBA basketball player Alvin Mack, as he continues to be eligible in the EFL, despite not having entertained any overtures by the league and its general managers to date. Our beat reporter Jordan Smith caught up with Mack on September 26th in Los Angeles, on the heels of Mack's latest game with his new SBA team, the Philadelphia Prowlers.


Smith: Same question, different month - any plans on pursuing football?

Mack: Never say never but right now i just don't see it happening anytime soon. I've heard there's more openness in terms of supposed cross-earning across different leagues, which would definitely be a game-changer for me but without that, I don't know that I'll be ready to commit to the EFL until at earliest after I've completed my tenure with the SBA this first go-round.


Smith: What, if anything, has your time in Philadelphia done to affect your mindset regarding playing football?

Mack: It hasn't done anything negative in the least, if anything it's made me appreciate football even more given what a great football town Philly is. Houston, you don't feel the sport nearly as much as you do in Philadelphia. So it's been cool to experience that, even had some fans come up and tell me I should join, which has been flattering to hear even if I don't have interest right now.


Smith: Most people didn't expect you in Philadelphia, and you're mired in your first losing season of your career.  Would that have any impact on you changing sports?

Mack: It hasn't had an effect in terms of making football more appealing. It's been a trying season thus far, I'm trying my best but we aren't winning enough. I knew it'd be harder here, with some great young guys, but still young at the end of the day. I had really different types of team members in Mexico City, Boston, and Houston, so I've had to embrace a new role, accept that we're going to go through growing pains, and be a different type of leader.


Smith: What do you think about the EFLPA vaccination stance?

Mack: To me, just make it mandatory, for two reasons. One, I believe in the science. And two, the rules are so prohibitive to those unvaccinated anyway, just call a spade a spade and make people do it. Legally I don't know what's possible but I also think that while athletes aren't necessarily role models, we shouldn't be given a pass for not getting vaccinated. I see everyday folks getting railed for not getting the vaccine; why do athletes get a pass?


Smith: So you're vaccinated?

Mack: I don't even know if you're supposed to ask that, but to answer your question, yes I am. I also have a preexisting condition that allowed for me to get the vaccine a bit earlier which I ran to. I've also got elderly family members and wanted to get vaccinated to help keep them safe too. I come from a family where medicine is in the family background, so again, I believe in the science, I trust medical professionals even while having a healthy skepticism of media. My own common sense is telling me to address the devil you know vs. the devil you don't.

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