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James Hoar Career Spotlight


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James Hoar like his best friend Ayomide has had a great time at Trenton even though he only got to start playing week 11 just like his friend. In his first James let everyone know why he was given a scholarship by getting 4 tackles and a forced fumble as a strong safety setting C. Dunbar for the fumble recovery. He kept going at it the next game proving that it wasn't a mistake that he was here by getting a PD and a pick in that game but taking it easy with 0 tackles. James again showed up but this time letting people know that he was a one time wonder going for 8 tackles and a sack in the against the encounter. Some people doubted James but he erased most of that doubt after going for 4 tackles and a sack for the second game in a row. People were starting to respect him along with his best friend Ayomide and didn't want to lose that respect. In the last game before the playoffs, James left everything out on the field and left the game with 5 tackles but couldn't get the interception or the sack that he had wanted to leave the game with. 


James Hoar is a man cover strong safety and so needs to work on being able to cover a wr one one and not lose them, he also needs to get better at intercepting and sacking the QB, He does have great speed and right now needs to focus on his tackling before he starts working on his strength and his agility. His ability to catch the ball well should be on the back of his mind but Hoar's potential is outstanding. James Hoar reason for commiting to the Trenton Generals were no surprise as it had been leaked that the Generals had been heavily interested in him and his best friend and had contacted them both. James also knew that his best friend would want to go with him to a college and he was lucky that they had both received the interests from pretty much the same colleges.


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