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"Oi, youse ever done something that feels so right, it feels like ya swimming outta your mum's snatch again? No? Oi, mate, don't be weird, we all crawled outta some snatch sometime, eh?


Anyways, that's neither who's nor what's, I'm talkin about kickin', mate. Back home all the sports got some form of kickin', it's Australia's national pastime, that. Kickin'. Oh sure, growin' up we kicked mammals, marsupials... Oi! It ain't animal abuse, mate! It was self defense! The little rascals would come right at ya! Ya had to boot the bastards across the yard or ya'd lose a pinky toe! Pinky toes ain't cheap, mate.


Damn Steve Irwin had everybody thinking "oi, these animals are so cute". Then the damn cute animal stabbed em in the heart, right in the the heart, didn't it? I don't trust no damn cute animal.


Oi, what were we talking about? Kickin'. Right. So anyways, I boot this monster, it flies, oh it had to be, say, 60-70 yards, it was a beaut.


Did I make it? Oi, mate is that important? Did you hear how far it went?"


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