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Dani Keys facing possible suspension???


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In news today coming out of Athens, Georgia...our favorite female running back in the ECFA could be in a lot of trouble before the season is officially started!


From the Athens local news team...cute star runner Dani Keys may face a suspension of some length after she was discovered to be consuming alcohol publicly around her campus. Normally this wouldnt be big news but it is breaking multiple rules and laws. The Athens campus is a strict no alcohol on campus school so that is the first rule that Dani had broken and might be a big change because in Lincoln nobody seemed to care but also it is Nebraska and not many people live there and if they do they usually have a beer or something in hand. There is also a team rule about not being able to drink in a public place especially before a game and on campus is about as public as it gets folks!!! The third rule is where it starts to get even worse for Dani as she was found drunk with a bottle of wine in hand when campus police came to stop her. This would be just minor but Dani is currently just 19 years old and is below the legal drinking limit so she is a minor in this case which is illegal and could have her get a fine or misdemenor or something. The fourth thing is more of a funny one then anything as she also had stolen local team mascot Gary the gorilla's mascot head and when found she was wearing a bra, pajama pants, and a big mascot gorilla head...very embarrasing for this star athlete. Some think that she is friends with Becka James who normally wears the gorilla costume so there are no charges for stealing the schools mascot head or anything. She does face potential charges of underage possession of alcohol and public intoxication along with the breaking of the team rules.


Could Dani miss the entire season due to pending legal trouble or be suspended for a game or multiple games or will there be no action...we just dont know...it could be anything. The coaches want to see it all play out so we might see Dani suit up in her uniform before any legal things get underway which could be interesting. We dont know how the fans will take Dani being able to suit up but we asked some season ticket holders about the whole thing.


Season Ticket Holders: I dont think Dani did anything too bad really. She is a young girl ya but she was not caught doing anything inapproproate besides having a few too many drinks...we will still root for the team and Dani. I think maybe she will face some sort of suspension or fine or maybe be hit with some sort of community service but i am hoping she can still play. She is going to be very importnt to the team.


As of now...Dani is back on campus and attending classes. She is expected to play in the Carnage first game coming up soon.



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