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S32 Off-Season Schedule


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Hey EFL,


Before I jump into the schedule we want to wish you all Happy Holidays! And since the holidays are going to fall during our offseason and are generally very busy times for many of us we wanted you to not worry about point tasks for the next 2 weeks. We usually have about 1.5 weeks of downtime, but with the holidays we are going to extend that to about 2.5 weeks. We'll be featuring events during these weeks like HOF, Draft, and Awards so you can still check the activities. The weeks ending 12/25 and 1/1 you can claim a free week for a full 12 TPE here. Additionally, as another holiday gift, there will be a giveaway in EFLO for you to claim for 5 TPE (Sorry no sorry for clearing this with the rest of the BOD).


Off-Season Schedule:


Saturday, December 18th: Free agency legal tampering begins at 3AM EST.


Monday, December 20th: Season 26 Hall of Fame Induction

Tuesday, December 21st: EFL Free Agency opens & ECFA National Signing Day (3PM EST).

Wednesday, December 22nd: Season 27 Hall of Fame Induction

Thursday, December 23rd: Season 32 EFL Entry Draft

Saturday, December 25th: Deadline to retire immediately and not play out next season.


Tuesday, December 28th: ECFA Award & All-American Presentation

Thursday, December 30th: EFL Award & Pro-Bowl Presentation


Thursday, January 6th: EFL & ECFA Preseason

Friday, January 7th: EFL & ECFA Week 1

Saturday, January 8th: EFL & ECFA Week 2. Predictions close.



**Scheduled events subject to change**

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