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Joint Sim League Holiday Charity Drive


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For this holiday season’s charity event, we are supporting the Cancer Research Institute, with more help from the sim league community than ever before! We have 8 leagues participating in this charity event: PBE, ISFL, SHL, SCFSL, WSBL, EFL, SBA, GFSA. The Cancer Research Institute is funding the best scientists doing the most promising research—all while promoting awareness, sharing up-to-date immunotherapy information, and inspiring lifelong advocacy for the cause. We are proud to be raising money for this organization through our multi-sim league charity drive.

No matter how much you give, whether big or small, we thank you for your contribution. The link to the fundraising page is here :https://fundraise.cancerresearch.org/SimLeaguesForEmi

You are absolutely not obligated to post your donations here, but if you do, there will be some rewards and incentives, detailed below!


Together we aim to raise $12,600, and over the next few weeks, we will be holding several events/providing other incentives to help us reach this goal: 

- An extra entry into this month's lottery for each donation.

- I will randomly select one donator, and donate $30 of my own money to another charity of that person's choice. 

- Another commish drunkcast, if the $12600 goal is met.

- Inter-sim-football league Pro Bowl game (details to come, thanks to @tlk742 for organizing)

- More to be announced!

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