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The Sun Gazzette continues its monthly coverage and update of Northern Virginia native and now former SBA basketball player Alvin Mack, as he continues to be eligible in the EFL, despite not having entertained any overtures by the league and its general managers to date. Our beat reporter Jordan Smith caught up with Mack on January 3rd, 2022 at Mack's home in Ashburn, Virginia, near the Washington Football Team Facility.


Smith: Same question, different month - any plans on pursuing football?


Mack: Well given the fact that I've gained about 15 pounds since I retired from the SBA, am running a craft beer bar at One Loudon, and am on the dating apps, no, I'd say football isn't in my future at this point in time. I'd love to get back into something that competitively but I've found that I can channel my competitive energy into my bar and also in coaching, as I'm coaching a high school basketball team as well as an assistant.


Smith: So you're coaching basketball now?

Mack: Yeah, I don't necessarily have any designs on coaching at a higher level although college is something I'd seriously consider, and there are some great teams here locally. But right now I've got a diverse set of interests and also want to give back to this community. I've got some nephews running around too who I'd also like to coach, assuming I can get them good enough to make varsity. Their dad hasn't exactly done wonders training them up, but I've got them on a good track.


Smith: Your protege of sorts, Steve Lattimer, is now in Charlotte. How has it been for the both of you working together and communicating now that he's there?

Mack: Same as it ever was. I don't see him as often but I got used to that when he was in the SBDL playing in Tucson. And I think he got used to living on his own and getting used to a different lifestyle away from home too. I've been down to Charlotte a few times this season, love how he's developing both as a player and as a person; hell he even cooked for me once when I was down there, I sure wasn't doing that sort of thing when I was his age. I hate using the word 'proud' because honestly, who gives a shit if Alvin Mack is proud of someone, but for lack of a better term, I'm really proud of him. I'm in awe of him, frankly. He does everything the right way, on and off the court.


Smith: Thoughts on this season's playoffs?

Mack: Just hoping someone other than the Ravens wins. Loved my time there and love their coaches and GM, but hoping we get some parity and see if someone can take down the force that is Grant Thompson. Obviously I'm biased and would love to see Charlotte ascend the mountain, think they've got a hell of a matchup in the first round but can give any team fits on certain days. And of course want Atlanta to do well, think they can make a run, I wouldn't want to match up with them if I were on their side of the bracket.


This wraps up the January edition with Alvin Mack. 

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