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January 2022 Lottery


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Okay we are going to do Squares again for the January lotto (taking a page out of dear ol' @Turner's playbook) -- then return to the normal games for February onwards. Prize list will be slightly tweaked for this one. (You will not win both prizes for the quarter in which you win, it is listed this way because we may have up to 2 people per square, see below for details)

1st QTR: 

3 capped

3 capped



3 uncapped

3 uncapped


3rd QTR: 

3 uncapped

3 uncapped

4th QTR: 

+1 equipment

+1 equipment


If game goes into OT: 


5 uncapped

5 uncapped


You will only be eligible to win a prize once like any other month. If for some reason the same square hits numerous times, those prizes will go to a pool at the end and randomly drawn from anyone who did not win. 


You will get to select 1 square. 


You will not know your numbers until the super bowl is set and all squares have been filled out. These numbers will be randomly generated. As I am doing a 25 square pool, each square will get 4 main numbers instead of the typical 2. I am doing it this way in hopes to double up every square to ensure we get 2 winners at a time. 

To win a prize you will need to be at the intersecting square of the score. Ie: If the score is AFC: 17 - NFC: 13, you would find the 7 on the AFC side, and the 3 on the NFC side and where those two lines intersect, that is your winner. 


As I cannot be on at all times to constantly update this list, you will need to self police.


Each number should only have a maximum of 2 people picking it. Do not pick it if you are the third person to pick that number. Failure to heed this warning will result in me skipping that choice for you. Look above you before you select and post your choice please. 

If we don’t double up every square, the second prize will also go back into the pool for a random selection of the non-winners. 

IF FOR SOME REASON WE RUN OUT OF DOUBLING UP SQUARES, WE WILL HAVE TO TRIPLE UP SOME. (I don’t think we will have to do this, but you never know) 


Pick a number below.
We want all 25 slots filled first before adding second names to a number.
Don’t be the third person to pick that number.
We will tell you if you’ve won. 


Ready, Set, Go!


1 @qWest


3  @Turner


5 @UZI®


7 @SnapTackleDrop





12 @AdamS

13 @Beowoof



16  @CowboyinAmerica

17  @McWolf




21 @oilmandan


23 @NotSoGood88


25 @TheCheese

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