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D'Quan Gilbert College Spotlight


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D'Quan Gilbert College Spotlight

Heading into year 2, Athens' wide receiver D'Quan Gilbert is reflecting off a very successful freshman season playing collegiate football for the first time. His first season will be a memorable one and was indeed just that as Gilbert was top 3 in all major receiving counting stats such as catches, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns all as a freshman which is unheard of. The major drawback was that Gilbert led all WRs in drops as well as he was targeted the most in the league so it was a bit rough at times but Gilbert made his plays. What was most impressive or important was Gilbert's team's accomplishments as the University of Athens Carnage went on to win the Season 32 National Championship. One of the leading receivers in the country and a national championship as a freshman is a very good start to a college career despite it likely being a short planned collegiate football career as planned.


D'Quan Gilbert has been a very good part of the Athens' football team and the campus in Athens as well. Enrolling in his early elective classes and majoring in African American studies, Gilbert has been doing well as a student and reflects what it means to be a collegiate athlete. Gilbert however does not plan to stay long in Athens and is expected to declare soon that he would be entering the EFL draft for Season 34. Gilbert is expected to be a top pick in the draft in a league lacking true number one wide receivers as a whole and could make his mark early. 


We had a chance to catch up with D'Quan about his experience.


"Man, I have loved every minute of it. From being recruited to holding that trophy in the end, I could not have imagined a better season or had more fun as a football player as I did this past year. I felt like I really improved my game to set me up to hopefully play professional football. I owe it to my momma and my family and God to make the most out of my given talents and hard work. I want to set myself up to go pro and will do so when ready but I want to get my mom a new house, a new car, and just spoil the hell out of her man. She deserves it after putting up with me and my brother Ron all those years."


Despite an early exit in the college game most likely, Gilbert has left his mark on Athens and will do so for another season as he continues to reflect on his time on campus and as a representative of the University of Athens.

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