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Town of Salem #25


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50 minutes ago, Eaglesfan036 said:

did you kill dooms last night or is there a second crusader?

Odds are there’s only one crusader which Goli seems to confirm so he must be the one who killed Doom


GLU seems to be an Investigator if he has good/bad Intel on NSG? Can you confirm?


I have an intuition that one of the folks who have not given any role to date is a survivor; maybe if we throw them into the spotlight, they can flip town. 


MMFLEX: 3 (Eagle, Goli, Corn)

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12 minutes ago, KevinDurantsDoc said:

exact message:


Adrest245 visited your target last night! Goliathus visited your target last night! GoodLeftUndone visited your target last night! More people visited your target but you couldn't identify them.


Given I am the Transporter and did not target Ptyrell this is either a moderator error or you're lying.

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7 minutes ago, GoodLeftUndone said:


Sounds more like KDD has a fake claim and is trying to save your ass. 

TBH I don't think KDD is LO. I feel like he's retri and used Ricer last night. 2 LOs in this small game just doesn't seem right to me.

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5 hours ago, Goliathus said:

I can either wait and hope to counter-claim later or claim now and cut down the role claims from mafia and I choose the latter.



N1: I missed the night N2:

Protect Ptyrell, and hoping that the jester doesn't kill him.

Something doesn't smell right about this to me. Doomsday was the consig, why would he bother investigating the confirmed mayor unless it was a tactical error on his part? 

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