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Town of Salem #25


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Day 3 Results


The Town gets a bit more vocal today and throws accusations around. In the end, the most fingers are pointed towards @GoodLeftUndone. He scoffs. "How can I NOT be the Transporter?! I transported myself to another league 4 years ago and only now just got back! How can I POSSIBLY be the Hypno-" but his words are cut off abruptly. He was in fact, the Transporter. A will was found...



LW - Transporter GLU

N1 - Swap Hatty and Adrest (both are often targets early so why not)

N2 - Doomsday and NSG (not much to go on here)


If I die early, I'd probably look at Adrest since I recently trash talked him for trading my player in SBA.


I received no notifications that would imply I visited ptyrell. Make sure to get KDD the baddie/fake LO. NSG pretending he wasn't transported too, also a baddie. They're protecting Flex. Eagles might be too.



Extended night phase! Night actions due by 10 AM EDT!


List of Living Players:




As an aside, 99% of night action messages can be found here! The main exceptions would be messages for things that are in game represented only by visual cues (things like Arso douses, PB infections, HM hexes primarily), and sometimes confirmation messages that won't normally come like if a Trapper has successfully build their trap, a LO sees no one visit, or a Tracker tracks someone who didn't move.

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Night 3 Results


Numbers continue to dwindle, and tonight another soul was lost to the ether. This time it's @Goliathus who's found dead in his home. This one seemed personal, as in addition to the single bullet wound to the chest, written in blood on his forehead were the words "For Doomsy". The obvious work of the Mafia, Goli was a Crusader. A will was found...





N1: I missed the night

N2: Protect Ptyrell, and hoping that the jester doesn't kill him.

N3: Protect TacticalHammer, but I feel like town is losing. How the fuck are we voting out a transporter? Pretty sure 2-3 votes are evil right there. KDD and Flex I feel are mafia. Eagles...could just be swayed there or an evil too.




An Amnesiac has remembered that they were like the Consigliere.



Day ends at 10 PM EDT, 4 votes need for lynch


List of Living Players:


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It's gotta be KDD today. GLU turned up to be Transporter and said he wasn't at Ptyrell's on N2. I think it was just bad luck that GLU trans'd the 2nd person that ended up dead. Not claiming D2 didn't help either.



KDD: 3 (Corn, NSG, Flex)

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3 hours ago, Cornholio said:

This is really going bad for the town. Practically on the verge of being outnumbered rn  

since @KevinDurantsDoc was the one who led our vote against @GoodLeftUndone and both of the dead people’s wills mentioned KDD as a mafia, I’ll have to push this one hard today. 



I am innocent and let me explain.

Firstly my LO wasn't wrong, simply GLU who visited ptyrell was actually a disguised mafia. I didn't know disguiser got changed and if anyone had just brought that up that would've solved a lot of our issues rn. I know you're innocent due to the fake psychic claim and I also know @Eaglesfan036 is innocent since they disguised the mafia (who visited goli) as him.


That means us 3 need to form a block, and find the last town so we can start voting out mafia.


I have huge suspicions on Flex, we initially were voting for him until things got derailed. We still haven't gotten a concrete role out of most people. I think the two others voting me alongside you are the mafia tbh.


Me being a moron doesn't provide any evidence as to why I should be lynched. A will doesn't provide evidence as why I should be lynched either because they just want the lyncher dead, not that the lyncher is actually an evil role.


I implore you to think this entirely through because know that I have figured things out on my end I am actually able to help town now. It's up to the rest of town to work together and get a vote in, or none at all. WE have number majority (4-2) to wait a night and see who drops dead. However, I have a good enough feeling against flex using GLU's will and former motives to warrant that he is actually the disguiser.

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10 minutes ago, KevinDurantsDoc said:

Also @Cornholio

considering night 1 vision was: me, you, jhatty evil. And jhatty did turn out evil you have to consider the math on this one. IT IS a significantly low chance that ME OR YOU are evil as well. Not impossible but further proves both our innocence on top of other evidence.

So what is your suggestion on our play today then? Are you saying we go for Flex? 

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