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S33 Turner Award Nominations


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Continuing for Season 33: Turner Award nominations will be public this season and beyond. Anyone that would like to recognize a user for the criteria listed below, may make a post in this thread, with the user's name, and hopefully can add a short blurb on why they think that user deserves the award. If there is a need for any discussion that can happen in this thread as well, but just make sure, to make your nominations clear and easy to find, when I go to tally everything up. Hope we get some healthy discussion here, to make sure the people that do not get the most recognition usually, get the recognition they deserve.


This award is to acknowledge the user you feel has done the most to make a positive impact throughout the league over the past season. This can be in any shape or form, including league jobs, a positive presence, always going above and beyond, and helping out  in general. No picking someone just cause you like them. Those nominations will be thrown out



S1 - Doomsday

S2 - punkhippie

S3 - Beerfridge

S4 - Turner

S5 - CptMatt

S6 - Turner

S7 - Turner

S8 - Wheaties

S9 - omgitshim

S10 - CptMatt

S11 - CptMatt

S12 - Sharkstrong

S13 - omgitshim

S14 - TacticalHammer

S15 - Symmetrik


S17 - Turner
S18 - emidas

S19 - McWolf

S20 - Turner

S21 - Patdatass

S22 - siddhus

S23 - omgitshim & emidas

S24 - Turner

S25 - StacktheRacks12

S26 - Lefty_S

S27 - Renomitsu

S28 - TheCheese

S29 - BeastTakeover
S30 - AW13

S31 - NSG

S32 - To be announced


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