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The Goncalves Brothers, Leandro & Leonardo


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Tonight, in the Game of the Week between the Lookout and the Carnage, another storyline could have been developed.


The Goncalves brothers could have been together on the field. Well... on opposite sides, but together. That didn't happen.


Leandro didn't lineup for the Lookout, but we were pleased to see his brother, Leonardo, on the field for the Carnage.


Although he didn't have a monstrous game, it was a great showing for the Freshman, playing in his first ECFA game. He had his first reception, for a 22-yard game, and contributed well in the blocking game with 3(!) pancakes.


For the Carnage, the game started on shaky grounds, with 2 interceptions on their first 2 drives, but you could say that riled up the team, put them back together, and turned them into the stronger outfit on the field.


In the end, there wasn't a big difference between the two teams. It was a hard-fought game, that ended up going to the Carnage.


Now, could the presence of Leandro help the Lookout beat the Carnage? Perhaps not... but we can't wait for the next time these two teams meet and we're able to see this pair of brothers share the field.

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Another season has begun for the Goncalves brothers. The Portuguese duo comes to the EFL from Greece, a place where American Football is yet to be explored.


This duo arrived last season and funnily decided their paths separated at arrival. Leandro decided to play for the Manchester Lookout, while Leonardo decided the Athens Carnage was the place to be.


After an off-season without much to talk about, the brothers stayed put and both have now signed with the same teams for this season. 


After two games, they've both been quite underwhelming. Leandro has 5 tackles in two games, while Leonardo has accounted for only 5 receptions and 25 yards on the high-powered offense of the Carnage. At least he has recorded 3 pancakes... yummy!


What can we look for during the remainder of the season? The brothers have yet to show their quality, but they might still be able to if they work harder on the task.


Their improvement this season will show everyone what they can accomplish in the EFL for years to come. And we can't wait to see what they do!


Leandro and Leonardo is no longer the name of a Brazilian duo of brothers with fake names. These Portuguese guys are for real.

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Is Leonardo finally breaking out?


In week 7, the Carnage met the Pirates, and in the end, one of these teams was 0-7 and the other 7-0.


The Carnage is dominating every time they step on the field, and their reliable TE has now shown his colors.


In what could be called a breakout game for Leonardo, he caught 4 passes for 104 yards and a touchdown - his first of the season.


Could he see more performances like this in the future? We hope so!



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Leonardo's on the moon, but Leandro stands with both feet on the ground.


It's been a week since the S35 ECFA Awards ceremony, and the Goncalves brother didn't miss the party in Podgorica, Montenegro. After all, one of them was nominated for an award.


Leonardo has been showing out for a while now. Since the mid-last season, he found his groove, and most importantly, he found a happy place within the Carnage team.


Leandro, on the other hand, hasn't. Not that he has been playing poorly, but he should be leading the Lookout's Linebacker core, and he's failed to do so. He sits 13th in Tackles made, which isn't too bad, but that place has him after a teammate and a Cornerback.


Leonardo was up for the Faak-Nahd Memorial Trophy, commonly known as Tight End of the Year. The other nominees were Gus Bentley and Deegan Jackson, who this season leads all TEs in Receptions, Receiving Yards, and TDs.


"With an overall game that saw him with a near 10 yards per catch average, 2 touchdowns, and 13 pancakes, Goncalves was the winner here, being the more explosive playmaker."


The award ended up going to Leonardo, who was particularly surprised and emotional when receiving the award.


He thanked his family for their support, teammates, and AD for the opportunity to be great with the Carnage. But in the end, he saved a few words for his brother.


"Leandro, you always pushed me to be better and that's why I'm standing here. I know you have what it takes to be here as well, but maybe it isn't your fault that you are not. You can be happy with football again. Come play with me!"


This was an emotional message, brother to brother, almost as if no one else was there. Now the question remains. Could we see the Goncalves brother playing together instead of apart?

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The Senior tandem is together in Athens.


For the Athens Carnage, the start of this season has had its ups and downs. Their roster is built tough, like a Ford F-150.


Spearheaded by the Goncalves brothers, everyone is hoping they can be the gaslight to the team, and so far, it hasn't been too hot for them.


Warming up, for sure, so let's look at their production.


Leonardo has positioned himself as a bonafide superstar in the ECFA. His consistency and growth have led to the respect he now has. After winning two Tight End of the Year awards and two championships, Leonardo seeks to be the TEotY again.


Leandro was brought on as a transfer from the Manchester Lookout, but his start reflects his ECFA career. Inconsistent.


Leonardo lured him to Athens, but it wasn't too difficult. Manchester has been on the down low for the past seasons, and that could have been the reason why such a promising player as Leandro was now playing as well as he should.


Now we see Leandro has other issues. Clearly, he's failing to adapt to North American soil, and his move to Athens hasn't solved all his problems. But he's better. You can't see that all over the statline because Athens has a lot of options at Linebacker, and everyone is making plays.


In the end, they both have one goal. Win a championship together.

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What brings people together can also tear them apart.


To the Goncalves brothers, Athens, Greece, meant togetherness, and for some time, Athens, Georgia, meant it too. But time flies.


Time flies, not in a negative sense, since that time has been truly appreciated by the two brothers, but the place that put them back together and gave them the opportunity to win a championship together also gave Leandro the opportunity to shine.


Leandro took that opportunity with both hands and made sure people forgot about his time in Manchester. What transpired in Georgia allowed Leandro to show his true level of play.

A level that showed Leandro was much closer to Leonardo than it seemed in past seasons. This past season allowed the brothers to be picked soon after the other.


Leonardo ended up going 12th overall to the Toronto Skyhawks, and three selections later, at 15th, the Miami Neptune chose his brother Leandro.


It was a happy moment in the Goncalves family's midst. Both kids picked near the top of their class.


Now, we see what they can do in the EFL.


For now? Not a bad start.


Leonardo scored a TD in his first game, and Leandro recorded his first sack. So, this story IS to be continued!

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Leading in catches. In a surprising effort by the Portuguese Tight-End, Leonardo has been leading the Toronto Skyhawks and the EFL in receptions.


At the moment, we're halfway through the season, and Leonardo has the 3rd most receptions around the league, with a total of 55 catches in 8 games.


While he's still not a big-play threat at the EFL level, he has turned out to be a fantastic and reliable option for QB Martin Isaac II.


Leonardo now has 6 Touchdowns to his name and has a respectable average of 8.4 yards per catch.


On the other hand, Leandro, who also started at a high level, has found his first roadblock in the league, which has him not having the same level of production now as he was at the start of the season.


Leandro has 44 tackles, which is 3rd best between Neptune's Linebackers and 5th on the team. He has a few tackles for loss and sacks and a forced fumble and recovery to his name.


It hasn't been all subpar, but in Neptune's scheme Leandro has been the chosen Linebacker to play the pass coverage role, which shows in the passes defended column between Neptune's Linebackers.

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