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S35 Events Week

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Welcome to Season 35 Events Week!

Hello EFL!


This announcement comes as one that will likely carry mixed emotions but I think in the end it will be nothing but great for the league as a whole.


We at the BOD have decided to create as the title suggests....Events Week!


What is Events Week?


Well simply is it the week in off-season where all the off-season events will take place. This means that it will be a week dedicated for awards, draft, pro bowls, and such to be able to come to you in an action packed EFL week even without games. That will be this week!


In addition, there will be other potential fun things thrown in because hey, it is Events Week!


What does it mean?


Obviously, the off-season is full of a ton of stuff in a very short scheduled amount of time. This will ultimately make 2-week off-seasons a standard practice in the EFL. The first week of off-season will be more of a maintenance week with free agency, signing day and starting to get rosters in place, have the offline draft and award voting and other things needed to keep the league and it's rosters going. The 2nd week will essentially be the presentation of things and focus on the award winners and draftees. It also means...TPE!


TPE you say?


Yes! This will be similar to SBA's Media Week (SBA 2.0 /s) in which you can do a quote and do press conferences there for an extra 6 TPE uncapped.


In the EFL, you will be able to use 2 of 3 (Press Conferences, Player Brands, Question of the Week) for 6 Uncapped TPE. Your Choice! Link your posts here to claim Events Week. Affiliate Brand options (SBA Quote, VHL.com submissions, WSBL PTs) will be accepted for the brand portion only. EFL and Affiliate Auto 12s will also be able to claim this TPE.


Thank you all and have a great Events Week!

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