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Stetson David High School Review

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Stetson David is a football player thru and thru. From the day he was born, Stetsons parents knew he was destined to be a football player some day. His favourite toys as a kid always had to do with football. He would be transfixed on the TV whenever his uncles or dad would watch games. 

As a young boy growing up in Canada, where hockey is number 1, Stetson was always more interested in football. He’s probably the only Canadian to never lace up a pair of skates! Starting from his first snap, Stetson was a step ahead of all the other players on the field, and often played with older competition. 


As a freshman in high school, Stetson started being scouted by many colleges. His hard work and ability to fly all over the football field were amazing, reminding many of the great Dee Fence. He managed 61 tackles, 7 interceptions and 3 touchdowns along with a couple touchdowns on kick and punt returns. All that effort helped his team win the Alberta provincial championship and a 2nd place finish across Canada. Even though the team did very well, Stetson wasn’t satisfied. 


In year two of his high school career, Stetson stepped things up in a big way. Not only did he out do his first seasons stats, he excelled on the offensive side of the ball as well. He racked up 74 tackles, 11 interceptions and 6 defensive touchdowns. His returning was also very sharp as he scored 5 touchdowns on special teams. His offensive numbers were thru the roof too. He carried the ball 112 times for 967 yards and 11 touchdowns. Stetson also caught the ball 21 times for 290 yards and another touchdown. He scored an astonishing 28 touchdowns over the whole year! Needless to say his team went undefeated thru league and provincial play. They lost one game in the national tournament, but won the national title. 


In his senior season, things didn’t start out as planned. A broken wrist in the preseason limited Stetson to only playing defense. But he still had 45 tackles, 6 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. All down numbers, but he did help lead his team to another national title. 


ECFA and EFL teams had long been interested and it’s exciting to follow along to what the next step will be

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