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Stetson David’s college spotlight

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Death Valley came hot and heavy with interest in Stetson David after his high school career. While there were many suitors for his services, a chance at a national championship was highest on the wish list for Stetson. 

In his first season as a Ranger, Stetson led all cornerbacks in tackles with 85. He also added 1 interception and 2 knockdowns. Far from amazing stats, Stetson faced a steep learning curve at the ECFA level, often getting burnt and turned around by bigger and faster wide receivers. He eventually came on stronger throughout the season and helped the Rangers to an 11-3 record. Enough to finish first in the Legends Conference. Ultimately the Rangers fell in the ECFA championship game to the Athens Carnage. Stetson proved to not be a huge factor in the playoffs, but did gain valuable experience. 


With the turnover in the Athletic Director position in Death Valley, Stetson entered the transfer portal, looking at another title run. He also made the tough choice to take his chances and talents in the next level. He’ll be declaring for the EFL draft and seeing how much teams like him there. That story is yet to come…..



When asked about his thoughts on his freshman ECFA campaign, Stetson had this to say:


I had a lot of fun this season, all the players and coaches were great to me and great to be around. It’s definitely a high level of football here compared to high school. You come in feeling good about yourself and full of confidence and that first scrimmage in training camp hits hard. I think as I got used to the pace of play and talent, I showed a lot better and had a lot more fun. The whole season and offseason has been a whirlwind for me, definitely looking forward to getting back on the field and lighting it up again. Death Valley was a great start. The AD stepped down partway thru the year, which was tough. We had an amazing fill in AD, and he’s left for the EFL. Maybe I can join him at the next level. I certainly hope that’s the case 

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