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I have been more active this week and will continue to keep this up. I know I got dropped from the Wraiths but I'm back so no worries. In this league, I will actually start trying and none of that inactive stuff I've been doing will work anymore now that I'm the teams best reciever. I can't wait till our next game either and also I'm earning 12 a week. My team for Prince Bynum Jr. is 3-0, so we've been pretty unstoppable for the first 3 games this season and I look to keep it up. For Elisha Bynum, He's probably the best player on defense for the Death Valley Rangers. He plays CB, and his stats aren't all that good. He only has 13 tackles, and only 1 sack. They aren't the worst stats, but they aren't the best either. Also the Death Valley Rangers are 1-2. Prince Bynum's stats aren't too crazy either. He has 31 yards, and averages 10 yards per reception. So again, not the best, but he's gonna get better as the season goes by. Now, I don't know why it says that I don't have any touchdowns, cause I do. But maybe it's just a mistake, I don't know. That's all I have for today

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I'm back! Sophomore season is here and I couldn't be more excited. We have only lost one game so far this season and I remember last season how we lost in the playoffs. Well, I'm making it my mission that it doesn't happen again. @Youngbuck is still our AD, and he's doing a great job. Destroying teams with only one uncap on our team. I don't want to leave the Wraiths this season but after next I might but even when I do then I'll still have Liam Aydin, the rookie FS. He currently has 81 tpe, but after this, he'll have 84. He won't do much this season, but I'll make sure he gets way better next season. And as for the entire Wraiths team, I'd say we're doing great, still destroying team that look way better on paper. I'm still stayng active and am now a presnter I thought I was going to present today, but I guess not, but then I don't know if I will get to present at all this week. Hopefully, I do. I am having a great season with Bynum Jr. as he has had his first 100 yard game of his entire career, and he will have many more. I'd like to try and get him in award races next season before he gets sent off to the EFL. Prince Bynum in the SBA is also having a great season and averaging career highs. His season with the Vice is going great. Liam Aydin is coming soon and will dominate the league...

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