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Henry McDolin, WR, @zekethatbeast25

142 GM (S20-S25 New Orleans Kraken, S26 San Francisco Frenzy, S27-S28 San Antomio Wolfpack)

736 Catches, 13,549 Yards, 137 Touchdowns, 4,817 Kick Return Yards, 1 KR Touchdown

S25 EFL Champion

2 Time Wide Receiver of the Year


Many football players will trash talk incessantly, only to underperform on the field. Henry McDolin, however, harassed defenders with his mouth and his speed from his first game to his last. McDolin, drafted to New Orleans in Season 20, burst onto the scene as a rookie, hauling in 1001 yards and 5 TDs for the 8-win Kraken, and by his 5th season, he had won back to back WRotY awards. In his 6th year, he helped lead New Orleans to their first and only EFL Championship, hauling in 347 yards and 3 touchdowns in the playoffs as well as 484 kick return yards and a return TD in the championship. An offseason trade to San Francisco capped off a ridiculous 3-season stretch where he racked up 5,248 receiving yards, 55 touchdown catches, and a spectacular 20.66 yards per reception. He was no slouch in his final 3 seasons either, racking up 4678 yards and 57 touchdowns to cap off a short yet prolific career in which he had 137 touchdowns (good for 5th all time) in just 142 games. In additon to being one of the best wideouts of his era, he was a solid kick returner as well, finishing his career with the 8th most yards per kick return (27.53). Despite playing during an era full of elite wide receivers, McDolin's consistency and explosiveness managed to separate him from the rest of the pack.



Vivian Allison, CB, @omgitshim

156 GP (S20-S21, S24-S27 Memphis Mambas, S22-S23 Denver Steam, S28 Wisconsin Brigade)

674 Tackles (1 TFL), 6 FF, 6 FR, 28 INT, 145 PD, 5 TD, 6,541 Total Return Yards, 1 Return Touchdown

3 Time EFL Champion


Another player with a short yet storied career, Allison was never a showboat on the field, but rather a quiet leader who led her teams to 3 titles in just 8 seasons. Allison came on strong in her rookie year, scoring a solid 2 interceptions and 13 PDs on the way to a Mambas championship, before adding another pick, 12 PDs, and a TD in her second season as Memphis went back-to-back, recording 4 PDs in 5 total playoff games. After that, she was shipped to Denver, where Allison set then-career bests in tackles (85), interceptions (4), and PDs (18) in her first season as well as beginning to return kicks. Just 2 seasons later, however, she would be back in Memphis as they attempted to recapture past glory. Although the Mambas would not be able to win another ring, Allison was a rock through, recording either 4+ INT or 15+ PDs in her 4 seasons there while adding 3 pick sixes. Fed up with Memphis' continued mediocrity, she headed over to Wisconsin for her final season, where she anchored the secondary, racking up 5 INT, 15 PD, and one final pick six as the Brigade stormed their way to a championship, and in her final game, Allison picked off Julian Falk en route to a 40-26 victory to secure her final ring. Although overshadowed by the many elite cornerbacks of her time, Allison's consistency, work ethic, and playoff clutchness helped vault her into the Hall.



Johnny Bravo, TE, @duckberg

142 GP (S12-S21 New York Herd)

912 Catches, 9,123 Yards, 56 Touchdowns, 256 Pancakes

2 Time Tight End of the Year


Even though tight ends are some of the most gifted players on the field, possessing the strength of offensive lineman and the speed of wide receivers, they are overlooked far too often, and Bravo was no exception. Bravo quietly spent all 10 years of his career on the Herd, serving as Hall of Famer Logan Crawford's faithful safety valve for many seasons while opening up massive holes for legends like an aging Charlie Hudson and a young Apollo King. He quickly established himself as one of the best do-it all tight ends before breaking out as a receiver in S15, hauling in 96 catches for 1,081 yards and 9 touchdowns, but he bettered himself in S16, snagging a league leading 106 catches for 1,128 yards and 7 touchdowns while also leading all TEs with 40 pancakes en route to his first TEotY. S17 was more of the same, with 122 REC for 3475 YDS (he led the league in the former, while the latter was 4th best in the EFL) and 9 TDs as he repeated as TEotY. Although he would never win another award, Bravo aged gracefully, putting up productive seasons even as regression set in, and when he retired, his 912 career receptions were good for 3rd all time. Despite failing to bring New York a ring, Bravo's ability to haul in pass after pass, season after season, revolutionized the tight end position and paved the way for greats such as Cormorant Bumberpuff and Himalaya Griffintown to dominate the league in the decade to come.

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