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Longest Plays in a Game

Longest Pass

53 Yards | Fredrick Frucker Jr. @KillaScrilla (S36)


Longest Run

78 Yards | Anthony DeMelton @okochastar (S36)


Longest Catch

53 Yards | Jean Luc Pikachu @Cornholio (S36)


Longest Punt Return

63 Yards | Prince Bynum Jr @Prince Bynum (S38)


Longest Kickoff Return

83 Yards | Anthony DeMelton @okochastar (S36)


Longest FG

53 Yards | BigKick Energy @OnMyWings (S37)


Longest Punt

61 Yards | Lil Nas Rex BOT (S38)

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Savage City Game Records


Passing Attempts 

42 Attempts | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S36, S38)


Passing Completions 

26 Completions | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S38)


Pass Completion Pct 

87% | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S37)


Passing Interceptions 

2 Interceptions | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S37, S38)

2 Interceptions | Fredrick Frucker Jr @KillaScrilla (S36)

Passing Yards

331 Yards | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S38)


Passing TDs

4 TDs | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan(S38)


Passing Rating

141.4 Rating | Dawson Zimmerman @kirbithan (S37)


Rush Attempts

36 Attempts | Jean Luc Pikachu @Cornholio (S36)


Rushing Yards

165 Yards | Jean Luc Pikachu @Cornholio(S36)


Rushing TDs 

3 TDs | Jean Luc Pikachu @Cornholio(S36)

3 TDs | Sir Lancelot @firstfray(S37)



8 Catches | Prince Bynum Jr @Prince Bynum(S38)

7 Catches | Albie Darforyou @Stines(S37)

6 Catches | Sir Lancelot @firstfray(S36)


Receiving Yards

126 Yards | Prince Bynum Jr @Prince Bynum(S38)


Receiving TDs

2 TDs | Yula Barge @Theory (S37)

2 TDs | Albie Darforyou @Stines(S38)



2 Interceptions | The Red Panda @Lemorse7 (S37)


Interception Return Yards

44 Yards | The Red Panda @Lemorse7(S37)



14 Tackles | Maurice Alvarado III @Kuesmo(S38)



2 Sacks | BOT152(S36)


Forced Fumbles

1 Forced Fumble | Alex Eliason @GGOriel(S38)


Defensive TDs

1 TD | Maple Dogwood @dogwoodmaple(S37)

1 TD | Liam Aydin @Prince Bynum(S38)


Punt Return Yards

63 Yards | Prince Bynum Jr @Prince Bynum(S38)


Punt Return TDs

1 TD | Prince Bynum Jr @Prince Bynum(S38)


Kickoff Return Yards

163 Yards | Anthony DeMelton @okochastar(S36)


FG Attempted

4 Attempts | BigKick Energy @OnMyWings(S37)


FG Made

4 Field Goals | BigKick Energy @OnMyWings(S37)


FG Pct

100% | Big Kick Energy @OnMyWings(S37)



8 Pancakes | BOT BOT248 (S38)



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