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We're back! Like last season, we'll go with a salary system that's directly tied to the players' APE. Players will cost 1$ for every 100 APE they have, rounded down, at the time of posting this.


Scoring will be your standard half-PPR fantasy football scoring.

0.04 pts/passing yards.
4 pts/passing touchdowns.
-2 pts/interceptions.
0.1 pts/rushing or receiving yards.
6 pts/rushing or receiving touchdowns.
0.5 pts/receptions.
3 pts/18-39 yard field goals.
4 pts/40-49 yard field goals.
5 pts/50+ yard field goals.
1 pt/extra point.
-1 pt/missed extra point.


You will have a salary cap of 35$ to fill your team with 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K.

Positions are based on EFLO positions, regardless of where they actually line up during the season.

A RB according to EFLO would still get points for both rushing and receiving stats, regardless of whether they play RB or WR.

Players not included in the table can be acquired for 1$.


TPE Payouts

1st		6 TPE
80+ percentile	5 TPE
60+ percentile	4 TPE
40+ percentile	3 TPE
20+ percentile	2 TPE
0+ percentile	1 TPE



Alexander Chase Everett	NY	10$
Martin Isaac II		TOR	9$
Michael Lunatia		MIN	8$
Dogwood Maple		WIS	7$
Rex Rider		LA	6$
Tactique Marteau	-	5$
Maurice Hartless	SEA	5$
Brian Harper		MIA	5$
Killian Rose		SF	3$


Running backs

Dan Wilinsky III	NY	11$
Captain Cutthroat	MIA	8$
Jean Luc Pikachu	WIS	7$
Billy Bumper		MIN	5$
Curtis Taylor		TOR	5$
Dusty Wilson		TOR	4$
Judoma Forscythe	LA	4$
Anthonis Pratts		SEA	4$
Gabrijela Kazimira	SEA	4$
Mustang Rushmore	LA	4$
Duke Dyer		WIS	3$
Anthony DeMelton	LA	3$
Landen Smith		TOR	2$
Eden Echo		WIS	2$
Count Olaf		NY	2$
Kyle Lowry		SF	2$
Andrew Hamilton		NY	2$
Hiroshi Ushiyamada	NY	2$
Potato Salad		MIN	2$
Sodium Bicarbonate	SEA	2$


Wide receivers

D'Quan Gilbert		WIS	11$
Kyree Firpo Jr.		LA	7$
Joshua Jones		LA	6$
Trigger Colt		MIA	6$
Big Chest Brown		LA	6$
Luka Hol'This		SEA	5$
Amelia Michigan		MIA	5$
Mr. Big			SEA	5$
Nsikayesize Kolisi	MIN	5$
Ayomide Ayodele		MIA	5$
Wandon Rolanin		WIS	5$
Sherman Moss		SF	3$
Adonis Uchiha		TOR	3$
Adrien Adamy		SEA	3$
Samuel Sellers		SF	3$
Salsa Fill		MIN	2$
Jack Anjill		SF	2$
Alex Madagascar		TOR	2$


Full backs and tight ends

Ragnar Jarvinen		NY	8$
Leonard Glik		MIN	5$
Jacob Robinson		WIS	4$
Leroy Leroy V2		TOR	4$
Leonardo Goncalves	TOR	3$
Cassie Frost		MIA	3$
Jimmy Hexadecimals	LA	3$
Jacob Seed		MIN	3$
Deegan Jackson		NY	3$
Professor Croakers	SF	2$
Major Lazer		SEA	2$



DeShawn Wolfe			NY	6$
King Leonidas			SF	4$
Jimmy Lasagne			LA	3$
Hip Pop				MIN	3$
Big T				TOR	3$
I Was Enchanted To Meet You	MIA	3$
Shorty Missed Kick		WIS	2$


Click here to fill your EFL fantasy football roster !


You have until the start of the presentation of the first week to fill your rosters. Good luck!

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now that this is locked

here's my team

QB Dogwood Maple, 7$
RB Landen Smith, 2$
RB Captain Cutthroat, 8$
WR Kyree Firpo Jr, 7$
WR Trigger Colt, 6$
TE Leandro Goncalves, 3$
K Shorty Missed Kick, 2$
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