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Some Reversal of Changes


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Some Reversal of Changes

Hello everyone in the EFL! 


I will start off by saying, it has certainly been a confusing and potentially overwhelming week in general with a lot of announced changes. This will be another one but hopefully will be one that is received well in general and by members that had concerns with the initial changes made to our point task earning.


Point Task/Article Reversion

Earlier in the week, it was announced that we would be changing to 150 and 300 word articles for 3 and 6 TPE respectively. This change will be mostly reverted and I will explain on it more.


EFL will be going back to the 500 words for 6 TPE. In addition, writing a 250 word article will be accepted for 3 TPE. When the initial 150/300 word count was introduced, there were a few confusions and issues that had not had full consideration. Keeping in step with our affiliate leagues as well as a potential unfairness to the league's graphic makers were certainly the main things that likely needed more consideration before official implementation. We are certainly listening to the concerns of our affiliates, our graphics makers, and our members concerned with the difference in affiliate TPE that was introduced with these changes.


For this week, we will still be allowing the 9 TPE for affiliate articles and EFL Network worthy articles that hit the 500+ word count as this had been announced but in future weeks this will no longer be the case. Starting next week, articles/graphics/podcasts and their affiliates will act as they always had.


There will still be ongoing discussion of some of the earning potential, especially around the EFL.com opportunities but for now, we will keep it simple.


Return of the QOTW

Another concern that was brought up was the removal of the Question of the Week. There were a good number of people who did enjoy this and enjoyed reading the answers that other members of the community had on some of these. 


The Question of the Week will be returning next week with just a slight modification. We are still keeping the activity check button in EFLO for a potential to earn up to the 3 TPE just by doing that which keeps some easy earning opportunity especially with going back to the larger article requirements. With keeping the easy AC, QOTW will be extended to 25-word minimum responses, up from the previous 10. This requirement has been reflected in the QOTW rules in that section. With a click of the Activity Check and 25 words, you can earn 6 TPE which should make for a solid base earning for the week and then with extra jobs, point tasks, or affiliate opportunities, you can be the full 12 for the week. We hope this will be a nice change and have more people be able to enjoy the EFL!



Those are the changes for now. We understand that a large rule rollback and such are not great looks in general but we want you to know that we are continually looking for ways to improve the league and continue to grow. We also hopefully can show that negative feedback or concerns from our members and our affiliates are certainly not pushed aside!


Thank you all!,


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