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Neptune game recap!


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Good evening football fans, my name is Frank John and welcome back to the EFL! Tonight, we witnessed an exciting game between the Miami Neptune and the Seattle Predators, with the Neptune ultimately coming out on top with a final score of 42-25.


Miami's offense was firing on all cylinders tonight, racking up an impressive 412 total yards, with 361 of those yards coming through the air. The Neptune's ground game, however, was somewhat subdued, with only 51 rushing yards. It was evident from their first drive of the game that Miami's offense was going to be a force to be reckoned with. After the defense forced a stop, the offense got the ball. They came out strong, marching down the field with ease and scoring their first touchdown in just over two minutes of play - and within 4 minutes of the game starting. The rookie Sir Lancelot was on the receiving end of said touchdown as he ran a quick out route and a perfectly placed ball by Brian Harper gave the Neptune the early lead.


Despite their offensive success, Miami struggled on third down conversions, only managing to convert 1 out of 7 attempts which was quick a surprise to see given how dominant they were all game. However, they made up for it with their efficiency in the red zone, scoring touchdowns on all 4 of their trips inside the 20-yard line. Their ability to finish drives was a key factor in their victory, and it was clear that they had put in a lot of work on their red zone offense in the off-season.


Defensively, the Neptune's had some trouble containing Seattle's running game, with the duo of Kazimara and Pratts leading the way with an impressive 145 rushing yards. However, they were able to limit the damage through the air, with quarterback Lunatia only managing to throw for 216 yards and one touchdown. The Miami defense also did some stat padding by intercepting a pass in the final minute of the game to ice the game.


On the other side of the field, Seattle's offense had some moments of brilliance, racking up 361 total yards. Ultimately, the Predators inability to get more headway on the first two downs was the downfall for them. The Predators faced 16 third downs opposed to the Neptune's 7. The Predators, however, did have more first downs than the Neptune, with 19 first downs to Miami's 15. Seattle's dink and dunk clearly did not work with Quarterback Lunatia having a measly 5.7 yards per pass and a 71 passer rating. 




Overall, it was an impressive victory for the Neptune, who found themselves in a hole early in the season but have been coming back strong as of late advancing to a record of 3-5. Seattle likewise falls to 3-5 but are surprisingly still in playoff contention with the weak West conference. Thank you everyone to tuning in for this recap of the game. Hope to see you all for the next one!

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