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EFL Rule Book

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EFL Player Rulebook


The following Rulebook is designed to create a framework for our players, general managers, and athletic directors to operate within in order to keep the league fun, fair and structured. These rules have been created, copied, altered and edited from previous leagues including the SSN, USFL, WFL, SBA and VHL. Any rule discrepancies found need to be reported to the Admins and Board of Directors. Admins and Board of Directors reserve the right to make changes to the rulebook at any time.


Please be sure to know the rules of our league and operate within them during your time in the EFL. Failure to do so will result in guidance, warnings and possible consequences. Thank you.


Section 1: Personal Conduct Policy

Section 2: Player Creation and Re-Creation

Section 3: How To Earn TPE

Section 4: How To Update Your Player

Section 5: NCAA Rulebook

Section 6: Training Camp and Spring Football

Section 7: Season Rulebook

Section 8: The EFL Draft

Section 9: Bank & Player Store

Section 10: Salary Cap & Contract Structure

Section 11: EFL Player Transactions

Section 12: Bot Player Involvement

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Section 1 - Personal Conduct Policy


1.1 - Forum Conduct

While participating on the forums, users will respect other users and abide by the following code of conduct.

  • Users will all abide by the same code. If a user violates the code, they are subject to receiving the punishment that the BOD decides upon.
  • Users will respect the staff and GM's because Authority is important to the league's success.
  • The EFL is a clean start for any user that registers, however, conduct in other leagues will be considered in BOD decisions on punishment for offenses in the EFL.
  • Personal Attacks will not be tolerated in the EFL. Any type of attack on a user based on anything outside of simulation leagues, as well as outside of what a user has shared on the forums. The BOD can also rule attacks as personal depending on the attack.
  • Discussions and Arguments on the forums will not become extended in any shape or form. If a discussion doesn't benefit the league and becomes aggressive, then the BOD has the rights to punish the users participating or egging on the conversation.
  • Racial, homophobic, and otherwise any prejudiced slurs will not be tolerated and immediately falls under the Personal Conduct Policy.


1.2 - Cheating and Accusing

Cheating and Accusations of such will not be tolerated. If you think someone is cheating in any way shape or form, contact an Admin.

  • Plagiarizing Point Tasks is considered cheating, all GFX, Media, Podcasts and stuff should be original.
  • Cheating on Updates is considered cheating as well. Cheating involves knowingly updating incorrectly. 
  • Cheating can also include owning, registering, or maintaining a second account. 
  • Tampering in League Activity is also cheating. If you contact a player outside of your team in regards to Free Agency, Team Strategies, Plans for Trades, etc. you are subject to punishment. 
  • Public Accusations of cheating are also considered a break of conduct policy. 


1.3 - Suspension and Punishment Guidelines

The EFL Commissioners, BOD, and Admin's reserve the rights to enforce punishments based on the above policies, as well as any action made by a user that the BOD or Commissioners deem as detrimental to the league. Punishments can be the following, as well as anything that the BOD deems as reasonable.

  • Game Suspensions
  • Posting Suspensions
  • Salary Penalties
  • Shoutbox Bans
  • Forums Bans
  • Anything the BOD deems reasonable


Users who are banned will have their players retired at the end of the current season.


1.4 - Additional Notes

  • The League is for fun, no action regarding a user should aim to take away the fun from any of the other members of the league. 
  • The EFL is an internet only league, meaning that while everything is for fun, taking things said on the forums too seriously can do injustice to keeping things fun.
  • Continuing previous arguments and fights from the past or other current leagues into the EFL can be punishable. 
  • Respect all users in the league and be wary of the age difference between yourself and other users. We can range in age from 11-55+ and need to keep conversations friendly to all ages. 
  • We are not lawyers, so there may be small loopholes at times when rules are announced. We reserve the right to interpret the spirit of the rule rather than the word of the rule in order to achieve the best outcome. If you feel there is a loophole, please let us know so we can clean it up!
  • The leagues official discord channels and servers are an extension of this forum. Anything you say or do on those servers and channels can be held against you concerning the leagues rule book. 
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Section 2 - Player Creation, Regression & Retirement


2.1 - Player Creation

New players can either be a "Basic Player" which is the equivalent of your first create (a create that doesn't get carryover bonuses), or "Re-Creates" which are players that get carryover bonuses from a previously retired player.

We also distinguish between "Non-Filler" and "Filler" players, most players in the league will be non-filler, but a filler is defined in Section 2.2.

All new players are created by using the EFL Manager.


2.1.1 - Creating a Basic Player

We advise all new members to view our in-depth guideline to creating new players in the Create A Player section.

  • You may have 2 Non-Filler players in the game at one time.
  • You may not have more than 2 NCAA players at any given time. This means you cannot make 2 non-fillers and have a filler all playing in the NCAA at the same time. 
  • If you create 2 players, you must make one an offensive player and one a defensive player.
  • Kickers and punters are considered to be the same position and are classified as an offensive player.
  • Basic Players have 30 TPE to start with.
  • Upon creation, your player will be recruited by College Teams and enter the NCAA.
  • Follow the creation guide to learn about creating, positions, position eligibility, restrictions and more...


2.1.2 - Creating Mid-Season

If you create your player after week 10 of a season you will become a Redshirt recruit. Redshirting allows you to earn TPE while not on a team and does not use up a season of eligibility.

  • Redshirt recuirts have a 24 hour wait period instead of the typical 12 hours
  • All NCAA teams will now have two $1M scholarships to use on redshirt players each season. One of these scholarships is for an offensive player, the other is for a defensive player. There are no exceptions to this rule. The BoD may expand the scholarships on a case by case decision based on member base at any point before the playoffs. 
  • If you create before week 10 you are not eligible for a red shirt season.
  • Redshirting is only valid for 1 season, the following season will be counted as your 1st year of eligibility.
  • While redshirting you earn TPE the same as everyone else.
  • You are not required to sign with a team as a redshirt to earn TPE.
  • Redshirt players are allowed to play weeks 11-14 and the playoffs without losing eligibility.
  • Redshirt players may not claim Spring Training the season that they redshirt.


2.1.3 - Creating a Re-Create

To be eligible for a Re-Create Player you must;

  • Have played 4 or more seasons in the EFL with a previous Player.
  • Have Retired the aforementioned previous Player. 

If you retire before your fourth season starts, you are only eligible to create another Basic Player.


The following rules apply for Re-Creates;

  • You can claim the 30 starting TPE for your player upon creation.
  • You can also claim Carryover TPE (as defined in Section 2.1.4)
  • Carryover TPE is applied after your final NCAA season, but typically before the EFL draft.
  • You may only apply Carryover TPE from one player to another. You cannot apply Carryover from multiple players onto the same Re-Create.
  • After retiring your player, your re-create can only claim TPE earned post-creation. For example, you cannot claim any extras or predictions points that were initiated or earned before your new player existed.


2.1.4 - Carryover TPE

  • Carryover in the EFL is a flat 5% of your players career.
  • A 2% boost to this total is available for purchase in the store.
  • Your players TPE at the time of retirement is used for carryover purposes. 
  • Carryover TPE will always round down.
  • Special Point Tasks (Retirement Announcement and Biography) can be added to your Carryover TPE.



2.2 Filler Creation

As a measure to fill the NCAA with members and players, but not overtake the positions from brand new members, we allow users to create "Filler" players.


2.2.1 - Creating A Filler Player 

  • You may only have 1 Filler player at a time.
  • You may only have a Filler if you have at least 1 player in the EFL
  • A Filler can earn TPE as normal, up to the NCAA 199 TPE CAP (Section 5.1.2)
  • However a Filler can only have 50 TPE applied to them each season as follows;
    • Season 1: 50 Applied Points Earned (APE) maximum.
    • Season 2: 100 APE maximum.
    • Season 3: 150 APE maximum.
    • Season 4: 199 APE maximum..
  • A Filler may become a Re-Create or be Uncapped at any time as long as the player has announced the retirement of one of their current players. Once a filler becomes a Re-Create, the filler caps above no longer apply and the the player is subject to a normal Re-Creates rules.


2.2.2 - Fillers Declaring For the Draft

  • Juniors and Seniors can both declare for the draft. (Freshman and Sophomores are not eligible)
  • Fillers who have declared for the draft can earn 50 TPE beyond their seasonal APE maximum, or 51 TPE if the filler is a Senior.
  • In the Offseason before the draft, they can apply that final 50 TPE to their player.
  • That means a Senior Filler can enter the EFL at no more than 250 TPE
  • That means a Junior Filler can enter the EFL at no more than 200 TPE
  • Once a Filler has entered the draft they lose ownership of that player and you can create a new Filler.


2.3 - Player Regression and Retirement


2.3.1 - Player Regression

Players in the EFL regress at different times. This is due to not all positions having the same amount of ratings required to update in order to be successful. Positions with more ratings to update will play slightly longer than positions with fewer ratings to update. 


Regression only applies to players in the EFL.

  • QB, RB and WR will start regression after their 6th season in the EFL.
  • All Defensive players will start regression after their 7th season in the EFL.
  • FB, TE and Kickers will start regression after their 8th season in the EFL.

The following rules apply;

  • Each season you stay active into regression will see all your attributes drop by the specified percentage.
  • Regression will only reduce your stats to the base of 35, and no further.
  • Regression will always round up to the nearest whole number.
  • Regression does not apply to banked TPE.

The percentage loss on your stats per season of regression are as follows;


  • 1 Season into Regression:     3%
  • 2 Seasons into Regression:   5%
  • 3 Seasons into Regression:   7%
  • 4 Seasons into Regression:   10%
  • 5 Seasons into Regression:   15%
  • 6 Seasons into Regression:   20%
  • 7 Seasons into Regression:   30%
  • 8 Seasons into Regression:   40%
  • 9+ Seasons into Regression:   50%


2.3.2 - Retiring Players

Retirements must be posted in the Retirements section of the forum.


  • You can retire your player at any time.
  • If you retire during a season, your player will finish the current season on their team.
  • If you retire during the offseason (typically defined as the one update week after the Championship game but before preseason), you have the option to play out one final season with the player or retire immediately.
  • Once you retire your player and recreate/uncap another player, you may no longer earn any TPE for them or add anymore TPE to them. 
  • You will be eligible to create another player once retired, or to uncap a current Filler player.
  • You may retract your retirement announcement of a player once per career with no penalty. A second retirement announcement is final.
  • If you want to retract a retirement announcement it must be done within 24 hours of your original retirement post. After 24 hours, the retirement is official.
  • If you create a new player and sign with a team or uncap an existing player with an update within those 24 hours, your retirement is final and cannot be retracted.
  • Any inactive player who falls below 200 APE due to regression will be automatically retired.


2.4 - Three Players
At any one time, a user may only have three players active. An active player is defined as any non-filler player signed onto an EFL roster or any player (filler included) signed onto an NCAA roster. If you have two players in the EFL, you are only allowed to have 1 player in the NCAA. In conjunction with rule 2.1.1 you may not have 3 NCAA players at any given time. 

  • If you have an EFL player and retire them during the offseason week(and only the offseason week), but wish for them to play out the coming season, then you will have the option to flag them for retirement in the manager and you must contact an admin to “unflag” them from your control. An admin will then look at your account to make sure you do not have too many NCAA players. If approved, you will then lose all control of your retired player as you normally would, but you will then be allowed to make another NCAA player with immediate control.


2.5 - Playing Out of Position

In some cases, your player may play a different position than originally created. In order to simulate an athletic curve and keep things more realistic, the following restrictions are in place for playing another position:


  • You must remain on the same side of the ball (i.e. offense stays offense, defense stays defense).
  • You must fit within the base height and weight restrictions for the position as listed in the Player Creation Guide (this would be the between weight numbers, not the MAX).
  • QB can only play QB unless they have the Dual-Threat Archetype, which allows them to play WR. Only a QB can play QB.
  • FB and TE can only play FB and TE, due to the benefits gained from training camps and regression (other positions can still play FB and TE).
  • CB cannot play at LB (only a specific size and archetype can meet the weight minimums, and due to CBs having better caps than LBs)
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Section 3 - How To Earn TPE


3.1 - What is TPE and APE?
TPE stands for Total Points Earned and is the equivalent of experience points.

APE stands for Applied Points Earned and is the actual number of points you have applied to your player.


Every new Create starts with 30 TPE and you can earn more by doing point tasks.


3.2 - Weekly TPE Caps

The maximum amount of TPE you can earn in a week depends on if you hold a league job or not.

  • If you do not have a league job, you can earn 9 TPE in a week.
  • If you do have a league job, you can earn 12 TPE in a week.
  • We call this the 9/12 TPE cap.
  • Some Point Tasks are excluded from this cap, meaning you can earn as much TPE from them each week as you can.


3.3 - Ways to Earn

Point Tasks are events or activities that must be completed or participated in to earn TPE.

  • Point tasks marked as "Capped" are counted towards your 9/12 cap.
  • Point tasks marked as "Uncapped" are not counted toward your 9/12 cap.


3.3.1 - Weekly Point Tasks

  • ArticleGraphic or Podcast  (Capped)
    • Worth 6 TPE per week.
    • Articles must be 500 words, original and pertain to the league in some way.
    • Graphics must show effort, be original and pertain to the league in some way.
    • Podcasts must be at least 10 minutes long, original and pertain to the league in some way.
    • See the Rubric Posts in each section for more information, Articles, Graphics, Podcasts.
  • A Player Brand  (Capped)
    • Worth 3 TPE per week.
    • Player Brands must be 200 words or a quality graphic.
    • See the "What is a Player Brand?" post for the rules.
  • NCAA Gameday Live PresentationsEFL Gameday Live Presentations (Capped)
    • Worth 1 TPE per game thread posted in.
    • Maximum of 3 TPE per week. 
    • Post a something relevant to the game, its results, or your player in the game thread. Simply posting your team's logos is not enough.
    • Posts must be made within 24 hours of the game being played.
  • Press Conferences  (Capped)
  • Welfare  (Capped)
    • Different amounts of TPE are available for welfare.
    • Read the Welfare guide for the full rules.
  • Trivia (Uncapped)
    • Worth up to 7 TPE at the end of the season depending on the leaderboard standings.
    • Possible to earn an additional 1 TPE by suggesting questions.(That get used)
  • Weekly Games (Uncapped)
    • Participate each week.
    • Rewards paid out at the end of the season.
  • Jobs  (Capped)
    • Worth up to 3 TPE.(Admins and Simmers get 12)
    • Apply for jobs in the Job Interview Forum.
    • Having a job allows you to earn up to 12 Capped TPE each week.


3.3.2 - Seasonal Point Tasks

  • Predictions  (Uncapped)
    • Predict award winners, draft places and other things to earn TPE.
    • See threads for specific rules.
  • Ranking Article  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 6 TPE once per season.
    • Read the Ranking Rubric for the full rules.
  • Fantasy Football  (Uncapped)
    • Fantasy Football with EFL players.
    • Read full rules in the Fantasy Football forum.
    • Rewards paid out at the end of the season.


3.3.3 - Career Point Tasks

Career Point Tasks are additional tasks that are designed to build a history of your player as you progress through the league - they can only be done at specific times but they are well worth it. These point tasks are "Career" point tasks and so are connected to each player's career. They are NOT claimable to both players.


The Career Point Tasks are listed below:

  • High School Career Review  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word task on your high school career.
    • Available immediately upon creation through the start of your sophomore season. 
  • College Spotlight   (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word task on your college first impression. 
    • Available in the offseason between your Freshman and Sophomore year.
  • Draft Declaration  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word task on your player declaring for the EFL Draft.
    • Available between the start and end of your final season. 
  • College Career Review  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word recap of your college career.
    • Available after your final college game until the end of your pro career. 
  • Rookie Spotlight  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word piece on their first impression to the professional league.
    • Available during your first season .
  • The Open Market  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word piece on their player hitting(or not hitting) FA for the first time.
    • Available from your last week of the season through your FA offseason.
  • A True Professional  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE
    • 350 word player-related spotlight piece after 5 years in the league.
    • Available after your fifth season in the pros.
  • Retirement Announcement  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 8 TPE for use as carryover.
    • 350 word task about your player announcing retirement
    • Available after retirement.
  • The Biography Of  (Uncapped)
    • Worth 12 TPE for use as carryover.
    • 800 word complete player biography.
    • Available after retirement.


3.3.4 - Miscellaneous Point Tasks

The EFL holds a number of seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.) as well as other one off events throughout the season.


These events will be advertised on the forum and will specify their own rules.

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Section 4 - How To Update Your Player


4.1 - Updating Your Player

The only way to improve your player is to add the TPE you earned by doing point tasks into the EFL Manager. By clicking Update from a player's profile you will be taken to a clean interface to enter your point tasks and apply your TPE. The system will handle all the math for you so you don't have to! Just enter your point tasks and apply your TPE and hit save! Don't worry, if you make a mistake your update will still be there if you go back to it later (provided it hasn't been approved already!)



4.2 - Update Scale

  • Attributes become more expensive to increase as they get higher.
  • You must use the below scale at all times:


  • 35-50: 1 Point
  • 51-60: 2 Points
  • 61-70: 3 Points
  • 71-80: 5 Points
  • 81-85: 8 Points
  • 86-90: 12 Points
  • 91-95: 18 Points
  • 96-99: 24 Points



  • Increasing an attribute from 40 to 41 falls in the 35-50 bracket, and will cost 1 TPE.
  • Increasing an attribute from 65 to 66 falls in the 61-70 bracket, and will cost 3 TPE.
  • Increasing an attribute from 35 to 60 will cost 35 TPE despite only increasing the attribute by 25.
    • 35 to 50 costs 1 TPE per, totaling 15 TPE.
    • 51 to 60 cost 2 TPE per, totaling 20 TPE.
  • Partial updates to an attribute are not allowed, but you are not required to apply your TPE at the time it is earned (this is referred to as Banked TPE).


4.3 - Update Deadline

  • The EFL operates on a Sunday to Saturday week
  • Updates are processed at 11:59pm PST each Saturday
  • Any updates after this time will be pushed to next week and will not be reflected in the game file for any of the games that week.


4.4 - Updating Multiple Players

  • All Point Tasks (other than Career Point tasks (Section 3.3.3)) can be applied to all your players.
  • Using the EFL Manager, fill in your points tasks in one player and save, then go to the next and pick 'em from the drop down to copy the point tasks across.

  • Point tasks are appended onto the end of your current update, then you can add, remove, or adjust as needed, apply your points, and save your update.

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Section 5 - NCAA Rulebook


5.1 - NCAA Players

5.1.1 - NCAA Career Overview

  • Every players starts in the NCAA.
  • You can stay in the NCAA for up to 4 seasons.
  • Players will be automatically entered in the upcoming draft if they are in their fourth season or have surpassed 199 TPE.


5.1.2 - NCAA Recruitment & Scholarships

  • Once you have created, you will be recruited by NCAA Athletic Directors.
  • There is a 12 hour window for AD's to contact you before you are allowed to sign with a team.
  • To confirm your signing, you must reply in the National Signing Day thread once your AD has tagged you.
  • After signing you may not have a conversion with any other ADs about changing teams, unless following the Transfer protocol (Section 5.2).
  • Scholarship money has to be used within the season your received it or it will be forfeit. 


5.1.3 - NCAA TPE Cap

  • NCAA Players can earn up to 199 TPE without being automatically entered into the draft.
  • If you hit the cap but want to play more seasons in the NCAA you must not earn any more TPE.
  • The cap applied to earned TPE, not what is applied.


5.1.4 - NCAA Uncapping

  • You can go beyond the 199 TPE Cap whenever you are a ready to go into the draft.
  • The cutoff for each season's draft is the Sunday prior to Playoff Week.
    • Uncapping after that week will allow you to stay in the NCAA for another season.
  • Once you uncap you can earn as much TPE as you like. NCAA COMBINE

  • If you are between 175 and 198 tpe At Media week, you may chose to attend the combine and you will be given enough tpe to get you to 199. You then MUST uncap during media week for that coming season. 


5.1.5 - NCAA Position and Archetype Change

  • Once per career, an NCAA player has the option of using a position change and an archetype change.
  • A position change must take place before your uncapping season (i.e. before you earn your 200th TPE).
  • You can request your position and archetype changes at anytime, but they will not be processed until the offseason.
  • If requesting a position change before your uncapped season you will have until 1pm EST the day before preseason starts to request that change and still have it applied for the uncapped season. After that cutoff and you will be denied. 
  • An archetype change may take place up until the extension deadline ahead of your draft.
  • Your position change MUST be on the same side of the ball (i.e.you cannot go from Quarterback to Linebacker).
  • You may adjust your height and weight to fit into your new archetype base values found in the player creation guide. Your weight must fit into the base value, but if you have previously purchased a weight increase, you can reapply that afterwords.
  • With the position change you will be allowed to redistribute TPE completely. With the archetype change you may only redistribute TPE if your new archetype has a lower cap than your previous one and your current attribute is above that cap.
  • If you are a dual threat QB, you may no longer go into the EFL as a dual threat. You will need to chose either a QB or WR archetype before the extension deadline ahead of your draft. You will be allowed to redistribute TPE like a position change.
  • Please tag both the head updater (@omgitshim) and the NCAA simmer (@Wheaties) when you make a change so that we can ensure that everything is up to snuff and that your changes are correctly added into the sim file.


5.2 - NCAA Player Transfers

  • Each player is only allowed to transfer once in their career.

  • If a player chooses to transfer, they will forfeit their scholarship money and spring training TPE for their first season with the new team.

  • A transfer can only take place during the offseason.

  • Player transfers must follow the Scholarship Minimum Requirements:

    • A 0 - 50 TPE player will require a $2M scholarship minimum.

    • A 51 - 100 TPE player will require a $3M scholarship minimum.

    • A 101+ TPE player will require a $5M scholarship minimum.

  • A member who is transferring to become an Athletic Director of another school will not be subject to the transfer penalty.

  • A player may only announce their intention to transfer once the NCAA Transfers thread for the season has been created during the offseason.
  • Any tampering of players from other teams is punishable (Section 1.2).


5.3 - NCAA Athletic Directors

You can apply to become an AD for the NCAA in the Job Interviews Forum.


5.3.1 - NCAA Recruiting

  • AD's may recruit players as soon as they create - but they cannot sign until 12 hours has passed.
    • After the final week of the regular season - signings cannot be made official until the National Signing Day thread has been posted.
  • Check the AD Forum for resources.


5.3.2 - NCAA Scholarships

The rules for NCAA Scholarships are as follows.

  • NCAA teams have 18 scholarship positions to fill at one time.
  • Each team will be granted 4 Full Benefit Scholarships worth $5,000,000.
  • Each team will be granted 7 Full Tuition Scholarships worth $3,000,000.
  • Each team will be granted 7 Partial Tuition Scholarships worth $2,000,000.
  • 9 scholarships may be used on offense (Example: QB, QB, RB, FB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K).
  • 9 scholarships may be used on defense (Example: LB, LB, LB, LB, CB, CB, CB, FS, SS).


5.3.3 - NCAA Scholarships Revocation

  • A team may drop an inactive scholarship player at any point during the season.
  • A player is considered "Inactive" if they have not updated their player in 28 days.
  • A commissioner may lift this restriction in certain circumstances.
  • A team may choose to release a player from scholarship during the offseason, regardless of activity level. This must be announced in the Signing Day thread.
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Section 6 - Training Camp & Spring Football


6.1 - Training Camp & Spring Football Concept


At the end of the off-season, each league will hold their respective pre-season camp. For the EFL, it is Training Camp. For the NCAA, it's called Spring Football. This is where players can get a little extra TPE to improve their player going into the start of a new season. We've put together some neat rules as they relate to these easy TPE opportunities.


In the NCAA, each player will be granted 9 TPE for Spring Football in addition to any bonus you earn for matching your team's Team Philosophy.

In the EFL, the amount of TPE you earn is dependent on your team's coaching staff as well as any bonus you may earn for matching your team's Team Philosophy.


6.2 - Coaching Staffs in the EFL and NCAA


Much like real life, the EFL relies on the talent level of coaches to coach up their players. In doing this, the EFL adds a wrinkle to our training camps, free agency decisions and draft decisions unrivaled by other leagues. The way it works is is that EFL teams will have a chance to fill it's coaching staff with different level coaches. Their talent level correlates to their TPE payout come training camp and vary between 6 and 12 TPE. The rules for teams filling their coaching staff are as follows.


  • Can Hire 1 HC. This is mostly cosmetic.
  • Can Hire 2 Coordinators worth 12 TPE at his position
  • Can Hire 3 Assistants worth 9 TPE at his position
  • Can Hire 5 Assistants worth 6 TPE at his position



If you are a Quarterback on a team who has hired it's Quarterback Coach as it's Offensive Coordinator, you will be able to claim 12 TPE that year. If you're a Running Back on a team who has hired a Running Back Coach at a 9 TPE payout, that's the amount of TPE you are eligible to claim during training camp, and so on.


Below is an example of what a coaching staff could look like:


  • HC: Any Coach, Cosmetic
  • QB: +12 TPE
  • RB: +9 TPE
  • WR: +9 TPE
  • TE: +6 TPE
  • LB: +12 TPE
  • CB: +9 TPE
  • S: +6 TPE
  • ST: +6 TPE


In that example, a Linebacker would earn 12 TPE during training camp because it's position coach is the Defensive Coordinator. Meanwhile, Special Teams players like Kickers  would only earn 6 TPE because they have a poor position coach.


Only the EFL will have pre-determined coaches to choose from to fill their staffs. NCAA teams will be tasked with creating their staff entirely, but still falling within the same rules.


6.3 - Tight Ends & Fullbacks In TC


In crunching our projected TPE numbers, against the amount of ratings each position has to update, we've had to make some adjustments across positions to even the playing field. One of those is regression hitting FB and TE's later. Another is that Tight Ends and Fullbacks get a very big boost in Training Camp.


In Training Camp, Tight Ends and Fullbacks are given a X3 to their output. If they receive +6 from their coach, they can claim +18 TPE. If they receive +9 from their coach, they can claim +27 from their coach. If they receive +12 from their coach, they can claim +36 TPE in training camp


We understand that this is weird, and will skew the all-time TPE number, but it's necessary as FB and TE have a lot of attributes to cover.


6.4 - Team Philosophy in the EFL and NCAA


In addition to this advanced setup, there are bonuses you can earn in Training Camp or Spring Football. That is where Team Philosophies come into play. At the start of a player's career, he has the chance to pick an Archetype. At the start of a season, a team has the chance to pick their team philosophy at a specific position. If a team's positional philosophy is the same as a player on that team with the same archetype, there is a +4 bonus to that player. This is to simulate playing in your natural offensive or defensive system. The rules for Team Philosophy are as follows:


  • An EFL player may never change their archetype A team may change their Team Philosophy every pre-season Changing a position philosophy locks in that philosophy for 2 years. This means a team can not change all of their philosophies every year. Matching a player and the team philosophy earns that player +4 TPE in Training Camp or Spring Football. A player can not earn more than 16 TPE in Training Camp or Spring Football payouts in a year(Unless of course they are a FB or TE).


The Archetypes and Team Philosophies available are:


  • QB: Strong Arm, Field General, Gunslinger,
  • Dual-Threat RB: One-Cut, Workhorse, Scat Back
  • FB: Runner, Blocker, HBack
  • WR: Speed, Possession, Redzone
  • TE: Vertical Threat, Possession, Blocking
  • ILB: Balanced, Coverage, 3/4 Tackling
  • OLB: Balanced, Coverage, Pass Rushing
  • CB: Man Cover, Zone Cover, Run Support
  • FS: Man Cover, Zone Cover, Run Support
  • SS: Man Cover, Zone Cover, Run Support
  • K: Kicker


6.4 - Training Camp & Spring Football Threads


In the off-season, General Managers and Athletic Directors will be responsible for posting their TC or SF thread. In this thread, they will list their coaching staff and the bonuses associated to their positions. At that time, players can post in the thread claiming their payout. Their post is what they should link to in their update thread.


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Section 7 - Season Rulebook


7.1 - Simulator & Settings

Both leagues are simmed using Draft Day Pro Football 2016. It is currently the only text-based simulator with the customizable options to allow for a 6-team league to be simmed and altered over time. Old leagues used to run on Madden but it's our belief that the time necessary to live-stream madden games for a player sim makes it an impossible feat. The most successful sims on the internet use text-based simulators and so do we.


The settings in for both leagues are as follows.

  • Standard NFL Time & Quarters
  • No Injuries
  • No Custom Playbooks
  • No Personalities
  • Player Rating: Absolute


The Player Rating is set to Absolute so the rating the game shows is your true rating as it relates to your rating. The other option is for it to be relative, where the game will give the best player at his position a 100 rating and then rate them on a curve. The absolute way allows for no confusion and lets you see how your player rates overall due to his ratings, not contemporaries.


7.2 - Season Length

At the EFL, we run a seven-week real world schedule. In these seven weeks, we sim the preseason, a 14-game schedule, the playoffs and off-season. You can view the full rundown of events in our Seasonal Schedule.


7.3 - Pre-Season Games

At the start of each season, there will be a slate of pre-season games for both leagues. There will be just one preseason game for each team preparing them for the new year.  This is the time teams can use to try new things out or fine-tune their depth chart and strategies. The stats in these games will not be kept over the history of the league.


7.4 - Regular Season Games

The Regular Season in both leagues are 14 games long. Teams are split into two divisions and will see a weighted schedule where they play the two teams in their division more than the other division.


7.5 - Overtime Rules

Both the NCAA and EFL have the Overtime Rules set at Unlimited Quarters. There will be no ties in the EFL or NCAA. In this, the game will play additional 5 minute quarters until a team wins the game.


7.6 - Playoffs

The top 2 teams in each division will make the playoffs. The last-placed team in each division will not make the playoffs. The division winner will host the first round playoff game. The championship game is played at a neutral site, with the "home" team decided as the team with the best regular-season record.


7.7 - Pro Bowl and NCAA All-Star Game

The Pro Bowl and NCAA All-Star Game will be played during the off-season on Monday or Tuesday.


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Section 8 - The EFL Draft

8.1 - Committing to the EFL Draft

College Players can commit to the EFL Draft any time after their first college season. They will be forced to either enter the draft or retire their player following the 4th (Senior) season in the NCAA or after surpassing 200 TPE. Players can commit to the EFL draft using the Early Commitment thread, which will be posted before the NCAA season begins.


8.2 - EFL Draft Order

The draft order is solely dependent on the previous season's regular season standings, then the EFL Playoff knockouts in order of regular season standings. The worst team will have the #1 Overall pick, the second worst team has the #2 Overall pick, the third worst team will have the #3 Overall pick, and the fourth worst team will have the #4 Overall Pick. The following four picks in the first-round are determined by both playoff and regular season standings.


  • 5. Team eliminated in the Semi-Finals who was lower in regular season standings.
  • 6. Team eliminated in the Semi-Finals who was higher in regular season standings.
  • 7. EFL Championship Runner-Up
  • 8. EFL Championship Winner

In subsequent rounds, the eight selections will be based on regular season standings in the reverse order.


8.3 - Draft Order Tiebreakers


In the event that two teams have the same record, the following tiebreakers will be used to determine seeding:


  • Strength of Schedule
  • Head to Head
  • Point Differential
  • Coin Flip



8.4 - Trading Draft Picks


EFL GM's may trade draft picks up to 2 seasons ahead of the current season. These picks can only be traded based on round, not on selection. Draft picks may be traded at any time during the season, including during the draft.



8.5 - GM Players Being Drafted


General managers in the EFL will have players marked as "GM players" who have a few additional rules to follow.

  • General Managers must have a GM player at all times. A GM player cannot be traded or released, unless retired.  If retired, a GM player may be traded, barring that the team currently has another GM player on the roster. 
  • A GM must use a first round pick on his GM player. At the time the player is entered into the upcoming EFL draft, the team must have a first round pick to be used on him. At that time, that pick may not be traded in any deal. This means they may only trade their first pick if it involves another first round pick, or If they have previously acquired a first round pick in another trade. 
  • Other GMs are NOT allowed to select another GM players player and force a trade, etc. 
  • If a GM has multiple first round picks in a draft his GM player is in, they MUST use their FIRST selection to take their GM player. They cannot wait until a later pick. 
  • If a GM player were to bring out two players in one draft, they MUST have two first round picks to use on said players. 
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Section 9 - Bank & Player Store


9.0 - Player Bank Accounts


 A player's bank account is just that: money in a player's bank from contracts or other bonuses.  Money can be used to make purchases in the player store. The following rules are for player bank accounts.


  • EFL Bank Accounts are kept up to date from season to season.
  • Money cannot be transferred from one player's account to another, even if the same user is the "owner" of both accounts. 
  • Money does not carry over to future players.  
  • When a player retires, his account closes.
  • In the NCAA, a player's bank account is only made up of his scholarship money.  
  • Scholarship money does not carry over from one year to the next. The exception to this is any lotto winnings the player may earn. 
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Section 10 - Salary Cap & Contract Structure




10.1 - Salary Cap


The EFL has a hard salary cap.  The value of this salary cap may change yearly to accommodate the needs of the league and is set by the Board of Directors. No team will be allowed to make any transactions that would put them over the hard cap. Any transaction that attempts to put a team over the hard cap will become immediately voided.

At the conclusion of each season, the salary cap number for the next season will be determined by the commissioners.  The Board of Directors will strive to set the next season’s cap by the conclusion of the playoffs, such that GMs will be able to plan for the next season’s cap prior to the draft.  The cap number is subject to either positive or negative fluctuation or no change at all. 


  • The current Salary Cap is $53,500,000



10.2 - Contract Structure


The EFL has three general types of contract structures in use: Rookie, Prime, and Veteran


  • Rookie: A player in their 1st or 2nd season after being drafted (considered as entry-level period)
  • Prime: A player who is not eligible to be on a Rookie contract and is not regressing.
  • Veteran: A player in Regression.



Rookie Contract Structure:


Rookie Contracts are now a minimum/maximum of 2 seasons UNLESS the player is inactive or deemed a filler, in which case those players can be signed for 1 season. The rookie has the option to pursue unrestricted free agency at the conclusion of the contract.  When the rookie signs their 2 season deal, they will still be considered a "rookie" for both seasons and minimum salary figures are also based on TPE as described in Section 2.3 per season.


Prime Contract Structure:


A prime contract will come into effect starting with a player's 3rd season. The minimum contract length is 1 season, the maximum length is 3 seasons. Minimum salary figures are also based on TPE as described in Section 2.3. At the expiration of a contract, a player can choose to become an unrestricted free agent.  


Veteran Contract Structure:


A veteran contract will come into effect starting when a player enters regression. The minimum contract length is 1 season, the maximum length is 3 seasons. Minimum salary figures are also based on TPE as described in Section 2.3. At the expiration of a contract, a player can choose to become an unrestricted free agent.  


10.3 - Annual Salary Value


In the EFL, the annual dollar value of a player’s salary is indirectly tied to the amount of APE (APE is the same as TPE until Regression hits) that the player has each year during the contract in question, and will scale with each passing year. Depending on the amount of APE that a player has the off-season prior to each year of the contract, they must make a minimum salary for that year as indicated by the following scale. Please note that there are some exceptions generated by the difference between rookie contracts and veteran contracts.


Furthermore, the minimum contract value is affected by the position which that player plays.  The table below corresponds to all defensive players.  For Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Wide Receivers, the minimum value of the contract is one level higher than the defensive contract would be.  For Tight Ends, Fullbacks, and Kickers the minimum value would be one level lower. *See Rule 10.12 for more on special Kicker Salaries*




                                                          Rookie          Prime          Veteran

LEVEL 1(&0)300 APE & Under –          1M              1.5M           1.25M

LEVEL 2    301-400 APE –                    1.5M           2M              1.75M

LEVEL 3    401-500 APE –                    2M              2.5M           2.25M

LEVEL 4    501-600 APE –                    2.5M           3M              2.75M

LEVEL 5    601-700 APE –                    3M              3.5M           3.25M

LEVEL 6    701-800 APE –                    3.5M           4M              3.75M

LEVEL 7    801-900 APE –                    4M              4.5M           4.25M

LEVEL 8    901-1000 APE –                  4.5M           5M              4.75M

LEVEL 9    1001-1100 APE –                5M              5.5M           5.25M

LEVEL 10   1101-1200 APE –               5.5M           6M              5.75M

LEVEL 11   1201-1300 APE –               6M              6.5M           6.25M

LEVEL 12   1301+ APE –                      6.5M           7M              6.75M


EXAMPLE:  Consider a player who has 350 TPE. 

  • If he's a Defender, he is at Level 2 If he's a Quarterback, Running back or Wide Receiver, he is at Level 3 (Level 2 +1) If he's a Fullback, Tight End, or Kicker he is at Level 1 (Level 2 – 1)



10.4 - Determining Salary Brackets


It's important to have rules that set when a play starts and earns his TPE in a given year, as it relates to their salary bracket. Those rules are as follows:


The cut-off week is the last week of the EFL/NCAA regular season. Every TPE realized before this date counts towards a player total TPE/APE. If you are unsure, the commissioners will confirm the date. This allows uncapping NCAA players to be able to participate in Media Week during the playoffs.  Off-season TPE (prediction points, training camp, etc.) do not count towards a player’s TPE hit for the upcoming season, as it's off-season TPE Ungraded point tasks posted in weeks prior to the off-season week and job pay unclaimed from weeks prior to the off-season week still count against a players total TPE hit. Players do have the option of choosing to miss a week of PTs or not claiming job pay. The Admins will be in charge of determining salary brackets. Should there be any issues, a League Financier will work with the commissioners to resolve the issue.  



10.5 - Contract Maximums


The maximum annual salary for a rookie player who plays in the EFL is $4,000,000. The maximum annual salary for a prime/veteran player is $7,000,000. Bonus money does count towards the contract maximum.  


10.6 - Contract Re-Negotiations/Extensions


Upon a contract being finalized, barring option years the only adjustable portion of the contract is an increase in the annual dollar amount of the contract. There can be no decreases in the term or the dollar value of the contract once a value is decided upon unless a player is on a minimum value contract and is entering regression. Any increase to the annual dollar amount must be agreed upon publicly in the team’s contract thread or a signing thread in the transactions sub-forum. An extension to a current contract can only be officially confirmed during the last year of the current contract. Extensions must be agreed upon by both the team and the player publicly. General Managers will only be able to offer “inactives” a maximum one-year extension, and it must come during the inactive re-signing period during the offseason in which their contract expires.  This offer must be for an equal or higher value as the current contract, unless the player was on a minimum contract and their new minimum value is reduced due to regression.  Furthermore, if a player were to regain “active” status after the re-signing period but before the conclusion of the off-season, that player has the right to nullify the deal and become a Free Agent. This keeps the power in the hands of the player if they choose to come back.  


10.7 - Contract Options


Options can come in the form of Player Options, Team Options or Mutual Options. A contract may only have one option year, and it must be in the final year of the deal.


  • A Player Option is where the player choses to "pickup" his option on the year it's marked if he wants to resign with the team or hit free agency.
    • If a player does not publicly announce his desire to opt-out on a player option, it is deemed that the player wishes to remain on the team for the coming season. 
    A Team Option is where the team holds that same power, instead of the player. A Mutual Option is where either of the two sides holds the rights to terminate the contract in the year the option is marked.
  • Any option must be agreed upon before the start of Free Agency or the player will hit the free agent market. For an inactive player with a Player Option the team may pick up or decline the option for them.  


    10.8 - Clauses


    There are two types of clauses that can be included in contracts: No Trade Clause & No Movement Clause.


    A No Trade Clause means a player can not be traded. Players with a NTC must waive it in order to be traded. A No Movement Clause means a player can not be moved in any way. Players with NMC must waive it in order to be traded or waived (released). If a player goes inactive whilst on a contract with a NTC or NMC, the inactive's clause may be waived at the commissioners' discretion.  


    10.9 - Trading Contracts


    When trading contracts, the player's contract gets traded 100% over to the new team. After the trade deadline (The start of Week 8), teams are not allowed to trade players.  Any player that signs with a new team may not be traded back to their previous team until after the conclusion of the first season at their new team.  


    10.10 - Salary Arbitration


     Salary Arbitration is a tool available to players to settle contract disputes involving contract length and salary. There are certain rules and restrictions to applying for salary arbitration.


    A team may take a player to arbitration only during the offseason in which they are drafted. If a team is unable to reach a contract agreement with a draftee, they can take that player to arbitration at any point from the time of the draft to the start of the regular season by submitting a PM to the commissioner. A salary arbitration ruling will always be two seasons in contract length. Salary will be determined based on TPE and activity. A team may walk away from a ruling, however, a player may not. If a team walks away from a ruling for a draftee, however, they will become an unrestricted free agent. A salary arbitration deal may not be re-worked in any way during the first season of the contract. During the second season, a team is able to give a raise on the contract if they wish, and an extension can be negotiated.  


    10.11 – Holdouts


    Holdouts will be monitored by the commissioner to ensure that both parties are working towards a productive conclusion. A player may end their holdout at any time. A player with a signed contract that elects to holdout will not have their contract count against the salary cap. The team holding the player’s rights has the ability to trade their rights to another team if they cannot reach a new contract. If the player is a draftee, the team that has drafted their rights has the ability to take them to salary arbitration. Any player who elects to hold out will not be eligible to play in the EFL until they have signed an EFL contract.  


    10.12 Kicker Salaries


    Since a kicker only needs 802 TPE before becoming maxed out, once the kicker hits this level, they will then be required to be paid a minimum/maximum of $4M per season.  If the team and Kicker mutually decide to pay them more, they can, but the most a team would have to pay this kicker if they both agreed, would be $4M.  All regression rules still apply: If a kicker falls back down below 802, then they are once again subject to the One Level lower rule. 
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Section 11 - EFL Player Transactions


11.1 - Free Agency

A player eligible for free agency will be determined by having 0 years left on their contract, declining a player option, the GM declining a team option, or both parties not picking up their mutual option at the start of free agency. The remaining Free Agency rules are as follows.

  • All contract offers must be publicly posted in the thread.
  • The minimum annual dollar value of the contract (each year) must abide by the player wage scale, based on the player's APE total as of the offseason of the contract year.
  • After the trade deadline has passed, teams may not sign a player from free agency until the conclusion of the playoffs.
  • A player may accept a contract at any time after the contract is offered unless there is a limit on free agency length in the off-season.
  • If a player is inactive, then a GM wishing to sign him may tender a 1-year offer for him as they would a regular free agent. If 24 hours pass without a higher bid, then the player will go to the team with the highest bid.
  • When offering a contract to an inactive, the dollar amount has to be within the contract scales during non-option seasons thus preventing a team from offering a back-end loaded contract that is all based on conditional team options.
  • Any raise on a previous offer for an inactive must be raised by a minimum of $250,000.
  • Free Agent Contracts will have a cap hit equal to the salary earned during that given year.
  • Free agents may talk to teams after the extension deadline but may not sign a new contract until free agency officially opens (typically the following Tuesday).


11.2 - Contract Extensions

Players and Teams can sign contract extensions at any point during the season up until the end of the day of the EFL Championship game. This is known as the extension deadline. The remaining contract extension rules are as follows.

  • All contract offers must be publicly posted in the thread.
  • The minimum annual dollar value of the contract (each year) must abide by the player wage scale, based on the player's APE total as of the offseason of the contract year.
  • One-season contract extensions to inactive players are valid as long as the team offers the player a contract extension AND the player doesn't decline it before the start of free agency AND that player hasn't posted in 30 days leading up to the start of free agency. Inactive contract extensions will be for the same amount as the previous contract. If the player was on a minimum contract and has entered regression, that minimum can be reduced to their new minimum.


11.3 - Player Releases
A player must be put on waivers before they can be released. The waiver order would be decided by the standings at the time of the pending waiver/release date. If a player is being waived in the off-season, the team who finished last in the past seasons regular season standings has first priority. The rules for player releases are as follows.

  • Any player can be released at any time by being placed on the official waiver wire.
  • Players with a NMC need to inform an admin that they grant permission for the team to waive him.
  • Starting from the time of post, the waiver has a 24 hour period for teams to put a claim in.
  • If a team claims him on waivers, they take over 100% of the player's contract at that time.
  • If all teams pass on the player within 24 hours, the player becomes a free agent and can sign anywhere with a new negotiated contract on any team but the one that released him.
  • If all teams pass on the player within 24 hours, the team may revoke their waiver and reclaim the player to their team. They are only eligible to do this with a specific player once per season.
  • If all teams pass on the player, the releasing team will take a cap hit of half the players annual salary for each year left on their contract.

11.4 – Buying Out A Player
If a player is bought-out by a team, they cannot be re-signed by the same team within the same season. If this happens in the off-season then that player cannot be re-signed until the next off-season. Buyouts are a mutually accepted player release that voids the original contract and does not require a waiver. These are posted in the player release area and an Admin should be informed by both parties leading up to the buyout.


11.5 - Player Trades

A team may decide to agree to terms in which players are traded for other players or draft picks. The rules for Player Trades are as follows.
  • All trades will be reviewed by the BOD before they are processed. If a trade is found to be excessively detrimental to a franchise, intentionally compromising to the integrity of the league, or in violation of any other trading rule found in this section, it can and will be vetoed by the commissioners. 
  • After the trade deadline has passed, no trades are allowed to be made until the end of playoffs
  • The trade deadline is marked as the start of Week 8. Both parties must accept the trade before it is processed. However, any trades not finalized by Midnight the day before Week 8 run the risk of not being put into the Sim until Week 9.  
  • Each team must publicly accept the trade. By posting a trade thread, it is considered to be accepting the trade.
  • The only parties that are allowed to post a trade or accept one are the GM or Co-GM. Co-GM's will need to be granted rights to trade on behalf of the team by the GM in the GM section as well as to the BOD.
  • Once a trade has been accepted by all parties, it cannot be reversed unless it's blocked by the commissioners
  • Any trade involving a GM player will be subject to review by the Commissioner's Office. If there is not a suitable replacement in line or a plan in place to bring a new GM player in, the trade will not be allowed. 
  • If a new GM is taking over a team and their player is on another team but has announced intent to retire at the end of the season, the player is not required to be traded to the GM's new team.
  • Future considerations of any kind are not allowed to be dealt. If any move is made in the future to undermine this rule, the trade can be overruled at the BOD's discretion.
  • Draft picks may only be able to be traded two years in advance during the regular season (before the trade deadline). During the off-season, draft picks of that off-season's draft and the two consequent drafts can be traded.
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Section 12 - Bot Player Involvement


*outdated, to be updated*


12.1 - What Are Bots

A BOT is a computer player at a position that human players are ineligible to play, like OL or DL. It is necessary for us to have BOT players at these positions, as not regulating them properly can have dire consequences, an unbalanced game and league-wide issues.


These are not to be confused with computer backups at human playable positions like QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, LB and DB. These computer players are used only as backups to fill the 40-man roster required by the game.


12.2 - Bot Kickers

Since Kicker is not a popular position, teams may opt to purchase a Bot Kicker to fill a roster spot. In the NCAA, these will take up one of your offensive scholarship slots. In the EFL, they will count towards your salary cap. All they're stats will be 35 with the exception of Kick Distance and Kick Accuracy, which will vary based upon the amount of money spent. If a team opts to not have a kicker on their roster, they will receive a bot with 35s across the board.


12.2.1 NCAA Bot Kicker Attributes

  • $2M Scholarship: Distance/Accuracy: 50
  • $3M Scholarship: Distance/Accuracy: 70
  • $5M Scholarship: Distance/Accuracy: 75


12.2.2 EFL Bot Kicker Attributes

  • $2M Salary: Distance/Accuracy: 64
  • $3M Salary: Distance/Accuracy: 83


12.3 - Bot Linemen

Bot Linemen attributes are subject to change based on league needs. Currently, our linemen follow these templates:

Image result for Andrew Whitworth
Player Name - NCAA Offensive Line
College Attended

Player Information


Position: OL

Archetype: BOT OL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300
Number: 50-79
Recruited By: Someone

Player Attributes

Strength: 80 
Agility: 60
Arm: 35
Intelligence: 60 
Accuracy: 35 
Tackling: 35
Speed: 60 
Hands: 35
Run Blocking: 80
Pass Blocking: 80
Kick Distance: 35
Kick Accuracy: 35
Endurance: 100




Image result for jj watt
Player Name - EFL Offensive Line
College Attended

Player Information

Name: EFL OL

Position: OL

Archetype: BOT OL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300
Number: 50-79
Recruited By: Someone



Player Attributes

Strength: 80 
Agility: 60
Arm: 35
Intelligence: 35 
Accuracy: 35 
Tackling: 35
Speed: 60 
Hands: 35
Run Blocking: 80
Pass Blocking: 80
Kick Distance: 35
Kick Accuracy: 35
Endurance: 100


Image result for aaron donald
Player Name - Defensive Line
College Attended

Player Information


Position: DL

Archetype: BOT DL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300
Number: 50-79, 90-99
Recruited By: Someone


Player Attributes

Strength: 35
Agility: 35
Arm: 35
Intelligence: 35 
Accuracy: 35 
Tackling: 35
Speed: 35 
Hands: 35
Run Blocking: 35
Pass Blocking: 35
Kick Distance: 35
Kick Accuracy: 35
Endurance: 100




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August 24, 2018 - Racial, homophobic, and otherwise any prejudiced slurs will not be tolerated and immediately falls under the Personal Conduct Policy.


Added to the Personal Conduct Policy and effective immediately. @duckberg


October 1, 2018 - Clarified retirement timeline and three player rules. @omgitshim


November 16, 2018 - Added in rules for draft tiebreakers, new GMs whose players are retiring, Redshirting, NCAA one time position and archetype change, regression minimum salary reductions, free agency deadlines. Updated Salary Cap to S10 value. Added verbiage to curb rules lawyering. Added Press Conferences to weekly point tasks. Rewrote the whole bot section and added in bot kicker rules. @omgitshim


November 18th, 2018 - Added new rule for retired GM players being allowed to be traded if they have another GM player on the roster. @Turner


February 7th, 2019 - Added note about banned users having their players retired at end of season. @Turner


March 14th, 2019 - Added note about CBs playing LB.


March 14th, 2019 - Updated verbiage in Creating and Updating players to now refer to the EFL Manager. Also clarified that carryover is now applied after the NCAA season. @Turner


July 16th, 2019 - Clarified that only one player's carryover can be applied to a recreate. @Turner


October 2nd, 2019 - Changed the wording on the HS Review availability. @Turner


October 3rd, 2019- Added in new Kicker finance rules @Turner


October 20th, 2019- Changed draft order to reflect 8 teams, changed all coding so that RB was legible on Dark Theme. @Turner

November 3rd, 2019 - Changed some contradictory wording within The Training Camp Rules. 


January 16th, 2020 - Changed rookie minimums and position change rules. @Turner


January 28th, 2020 - Updated all hyperlinks to match the new forum URLs. @Turner

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