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EFL League Update!

Date: September 5th, 2023


Hello EFL! Lots of stuff I would love to cover here because as some may or may not have noticed there have been a few different changes, a few things brought back, and an overall effort to get back to the basics of great EFL Football!


Sim Change:


Thanks to an amazing effort by @Jetsqb101, we have successfully moved on from the old and questionable DDSPF16 sim engine and have moved on to the latest version of the game which is Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2023! This new sim should provide a lot of opportunities for new stategies and gameplanning, new statistical output, less clunky play, and will lead to more exciting things to do as well!


These things could include traits likely purchased with league money which could make league money have just a little bit more meaning. It could potentially mean playing around and being able to upgrade a new attribute such like competitiveness which can factor a bit in some plays. It could even get to the point where we open up the ability to create an offensive or defensive lineman third or fourth player.


There is still some testing to go but thanks to Jets and his hard work, we have a new sim to be able to grow into and continue some great EFL Football. As things need to be modified, we certainly will be able to do so to make sure we are at our best.


With this, I want to try and get a nice recruiting effort going potentially starting this season come playoff time in order to let our affiliates know the EFL is back and better. Tell your friends to join now as well and experience the new sim we have and be on the ground floor of the EFL Comeback era!!


Forum Updates:


It was certainly one of the more pressing issues that I wanted to get done and I was able to go in and get a lot done. You may have noticed that a few things on the forums have been re-arranged or moved around. Using inspiration from other forums, the hope is to make things pretty clear when navigating the forums and keep like things grouped. League history has been moved to it's own section, TPE sections have been labeled as Earning TPE, and some old PTs,sections and such have been archived to maintain a clean site for all to use!


Please, would love to know any feedback about the forum so far and any ways to improve even more!


Question of the Week:


As many have seen, Question of the Week is back. Issues with the Question of the Week in the past was it being forgotten some weeks or forgotten until mid or end of week. With our forums, I have found it possible to have these scheduled out for when they publish and lock. So, with this, Question of the Weeks will be completed generally once a month on the staff side and scheduled out for the remainder of the month. Generally, this may lead to less personalized EFL based questions (i.e. Minnesota is 13-0 right now, will they finish undefeated? Why or why not?) but it will allow for consistency in providing this opportunity and sticking with a league schedule, we can still ask league pertinent questions or just generic ones for when that comes up. We can also use user submitted questions and make sure to keep this consistently going! It is an easy 3 TPE but it is easier when it is actually available! :) 


Things to Come:


Lots of things planned to potentially come down the pipeline for the EFL. As mentioned, potential sim related changes coming to the players and being able to do new things that we have not been able to do in the past 40+ seasons. A potential recruiting effort based on having the new sim and having new overall consistency in the EFL as a whole. 


Other things may be some new updated stuff like guides, rulebook, and such to create a good framework for new, returning, and existing users. Another thing likely coming soon is the addition of rookie tasks which include some basic things to get started in the league which can be completed for some initial TPE earnings in the league (5 tasks for 10 TPE or something ~ Along with the TPE earned from the tasks in the first place). I would love to get to the point where we bring things back like EFL Fantasy and things such as that for additional fun opportunities to earn some league TPE or money. Basic stuff like more consistency in awards and hall of fame. Potential rewards or incentives for certain types of content, etc.


We are certainly wanting to grow and get back to consistent and great times in the EFL!



With the sim change and because it has taken a bit. Please look for a giveaway in EFLO titled New Sim Time! It is available now through the end of September! Thanks to those who are and have been sticking it out through the transition!

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