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USC Storming into Postseason


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USC Storming into Postseason

The USC Trojans, after starting the year 4-3, are on a seven game win streak, the longest such streak in the nation right now. They went from being on the outside looking in to home field advantage for the playoffs in the last few games of the year.


“Our team really came together the last several weeks. Our offense has been clicking and we have really been looking like the team to beat. We have to face a very strong Texas team in order to advance to our fourth straight title game.  All the games between us have been close. We took one early in the year and they took one at about the mid point of the season. It's really anyone's game.”


JFK vs Okolocha

Fox-Kemper has had an up and down season as the Longhorns’ signal caller. He has thrown 19 interceptions to 10 touchdowns compared to Okolocha's 22 interceptions and 26 touchdowns.  Okolocha has also thrown for about 1,000 more yards on the year giving USC the advantage in this category.


Furdge vs Hamlett

Hamlett is in talks for the Heisman trophy this year with his 1,633 yards and 20 touchdowns on the year. Quin’Darius Furdge has put together a solid season of his own in the pass heavy Trojan offense. Furdge’s 1,162 yards and 15 touchdowns should at least put him in talks for Freshman of the year.


Woodhouse vs Wallace

This is an incredibly close matchup in terms of yards and receptions. Eighty-nine vs 90, 1,348 vs 1,330. It's all so close that the difference is pretty negligible. Woodhouse was the first set of stats, 89 catches for 1,348 yards. He has eight touchdowns to Wallace's two giving the advantage to USC, but just slightly.


The second receiver is where USC distances themselves a bit. Benjen Hands 71 catches for 1,206 yards and 10 touchdowns. Hands actually leads the country in touchdowns despite not being the leading receiver for USC.



USC is ranked second in total yards allowed, passing yards allowed, and rushing yards allowed and third in points allowed per game. Texas, on the other hand is third in rushing and total yards allowed, fourth in passing yards allowed, and number one in points against per game. Texas is allowing 14.4 points per game but USC is averaging 28.4 points per game. This appears to be a great matchup for the postseason.


"I think that we match up well against this team. Our defense has been playing great as of late and our offense hasn't committed as many turnovers as they were in the past. I really think that we've got a shot at winning this week and winning it all the next. I like what I have seen out of this team and I'm just excited to get out there and watch them execute the gameplan. I may be taking a step back for personal reasons but I'm still just as invested in this team as I have ever been. I bleed gold and cardinal."



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