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SFC: Relaunched... and Reloaded.

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Get in now!  With signups being open, the SFC is nearing our full blown launch and only 9 spots remain in the inaugural launch.  (1 Heavyweight/ 8 Middleweights)


Recent Highlight: https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousReliableMarrowUncleNox


Earning TPE is going to be VERY simple. Complete a PT on a partnering sim league post the link once per week or write a quick article on a recent fight or upcoming fight, 6 TPE per week. Sign in to the site, you automatically get 4 TPE each week. Make fight predictions, your gym wins... you get TPE. Those who are part of the construction of the site, have a vision of wanting to see everyone win, but most of all see everyone have fun together. That’s why time and considerable amounts of resources are dedicated to the construction, maintenance and performance for all.





The SFC Elite is our premier level and will be streamed via XB1 and PS4 using UFC 3 as our simming base and will allow for 44 fighters across two division, Middleweight and Heavyweight. Fights will be streamed on the weekends (Friday evening thru Sunday evening). It is the goal for everyone to fight once per week, for a minimum of four fights each month or more with special events.

While some say damn… that’s not much. What we are going to tackle is a more realistic feel and not slamming multiple sims through the league every week. Yes its fun, but not sustainable from a simming stand point long term. After 25 fights you will find yourself entering regression that will happen relatively quickly and it will be up to you to stave off the decline as fighters do after a career of getting beat on.


-Betting Book-

Oh yes… it returns and optimized for our system of earning.  A couple clicks and your bets are placed for the upcoming weekend!


-The Gauntlet –

Once every other month all Elite gyms will compete in an event called The Gauntlet.  It is a team based event that will be carried out throughout Gauntlet Week.  The results will be team based in the sense that every gym will have two heavyweights and two middleweights.  Each result of the four fights between the two teams will be awarded points per the outcome of the fight (1st Round KO/TKO, KO, 1st Round SUB, SUB, Decision, Draw).  The team that earns the most points moves on.  Until a team is crowned Champion of the Gauntlet.





We already have gyms, their logos and their locations ready to roll. You don’t have to buy a gym as we simply are open to those serious with interest into running a gym. You will choose two of the five strengths your fighter will carry into the fight and assist in getting them a shot at the belt!

We are looking for people interested in updating regularly, kicking ass… and also getting your ass kicked. There will be blood, bitching and overall bad ass fun that we will all share together in our Fight Night voice chat on Discord. Because of the value in our Elite level, those who miss two consecutive weeks of updates will automatically be relegated. With limited spots, it is important that those who are active are the ones who enjoy the live streams.


Welcome to the SFC.




Create a fighter - http://www.mmasimulation.com/create-a-fighter/
SFC Discord - https://discord.gg/pTHqKTJ

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