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Trojans Rush to 2-1 Start


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The USC Trojans came into the year improved. The offense was filled with newfound talent. The defense still needed some work, but they were in a good place. After all, Don Riley came into the team with guns out.


Week 1: 48-7 W, @ :LSUEFL:


The Trojans started their season with an easy date in Tiger Stadium. What can I say? The squad was clicking on all facets. Anderson Muller @Sova served as an efficient game manager all day long, throwing 18-24 at 75%, and threw 3 TDs, while notching a 151 passer rating. Tre Jaguar @Daybe had himself a day, serving as the workhorse, with 176 yards, 31 touches, and a touchdown. Desmond King @solas made use of his limited work, impressing with two touchdowns. The defense controlled the Tigers, as the Tigers were 1-8 on third down. Morgan Pioveson @StamkosFan came up with an interception and set the Trojans up for an easy score, putting the lead to 28.


Week 2: 26-20 W, @ :Miami:


It was the Hurricanes that gave the Trojans their first real test of the new season, and they handled it admirably. The Trojans started off sloppy, going for it and missing on 4th and 9 in Hurricanes territory, and then Barney Gorman couldn't connect on a 45 yarder. To make matters worse, Muller threw a pick and set the Hurricanes up with good field position again. With a little more than 7 minutes left in the second quarter, Muller and co. strung together a drive. On 2nd and 17, Muller found Tyrell de Vil @Ptyrell for 27 yards, and then hit up DeAndre Brixton @11 Eleven out of the backfield for 32 yards. With less than 2 minutes, Palom Mysdia @diamond_ace made a toe tap catch in the back of the end zone, cutting the Hurricane lead to 10. Still, the Trojans faced an uphill battle, as the Trojans elected to receive to start the game.


The Trojans still had to figure out how to permeate the Hurricanes' "Bend but don't break" defense. They figured out the formula to success, with a grinding, 14 play drive that ended up with Tre Jaguar waltzing in to the end zone. They still were down by a field goal though, and they had work to do. After the Hurricanes got into the red zone and came up with a 3, the Trojans put down another long, brutal drive, scoring after 15 plays of hard work. The drive took 9 minutes and seemingly put the game away, but Gorman couldn't connect on an extra point to seal the game. 


The Hurricanes, disheartened, had no answers when the Trojans got the ball to begin the overtime period. Jaguar got a 26 yard run. King came in and got 8. Hassan Halafula @Anthony Ouellet caught one for 13. The rest was up to Desmond King, who filled in and flashed his elite talent. Three runs and the game was over. The Trojans had completed a 17 point comeback.


Week 3: 24-30 L, @ :Michigan:


Coming into "The Big House" is no easy task, especially on GameDay, when the place is rocking with more than 100,000 donning the famed Navy Blue. The Trojans, being an inexperienced, young squad, scored a touchdown at the end of the first quarter, but then the Wolverines roared back with 24 unanswered in the 2nd quarter. The Trojans showed off that same resilience this game, answering the Wolverines with 10 points of their own, and a few good kicks by Barney Gorman @Beowoof, who seemed eager to move on from the last one. Near the end of the game, the Trojans got the ball back, with 7 minutes left, down by 7. The Trojans had to get 16 plays on this one. The Trojans got 2 3rd down conversions and a 4th down, putting them at the UM 9, with 45 seconds left. Zain Wozy dropped a ball, setting up a third down, and all hope was lost when the refs ruled Tyrell de Vil's third down attempt a yard short of the goal line. Wozy redeemed himself, leaping over Ben Dover, who seemed to have his number all game long, and came down with the ball.


It seemed as if the Trojans used all their gas in that last drive, as they sputtered with the ball in OT. However, the Trojans learned a lot about their squad this game. They sent a message to the rest of the nation - the Trojans are for real. They took on one of the "Big Four" on the road and gave them a real scare. The potential on this squad is flowing, and the rest of the league should be scared next season - when the Trojans are ready to go to war.

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